Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bring it on Bitches!

Yesterday was fantastic.  I had a great sleep and woke up feeling like life was falling into the right places.  I got dressed, wearing a professional suit for work, with my hair and skin looking fabulous.  I had some fucking confidence and felt like a million bucks.  It's been a while since I've felt like that, and its good to be back.  I was sick with step throat this past weekend.  Tonight I will need that confidence and charisma/charm as I head into a lions den of successful single women who I will be mingling with and flirting with at a black-tie Holiday Gala, and I'm ready.  Bring it on bitches!

Most importantly, my kids have heard the news about mom and dad getting a divorce and they are doing very well with that news.  We took an hour this past week to discuss it with them and get feelings out on the table.  She and I talked to each of them together and it was something we had planned out about as well as we possibly could.  It went better than I thought it would.  Sure, there were some tears, some shocks, and  a lot of questions, but the kids know that nothing is changing in our home.  I'm not moving out, and no one else is moving in.  Things are staying the same, but for now, I feel better that they are in the know about mom and dad not being "in love" anymore.  I expect that the kids will be taking time to absorb it all and may have some concerns down the road.

When we finished talking to them we took them out to dinner and had a nice family meal.

Next it will be our parents and families.  That might not go over so smoothly.  We'll see.

I have been terrible at commenting to all of  you on your posts and thanking you for your comments.  For that I am really sorry.  I hope things will back to a normal pace soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Down But Not Out

Dear loyal readers and friends,

I am experiencing cerebral fall-out at the moment and have very little to contribute to my own posts and unfortunately have little to nothing to say in terms of commenting on your fine posts.  I guess you could say that I'm in a funk, and that I'm down but not out.  Just taking a breather from this outlet.

I love you all my fine blogstresses and I think about you daily.

I'll be back soon and hopefully to report on the progression my family is making toward more disclosure of our situation.

We're planning on talking to the kids about our pending divorce this week and that is going to be a huge change in their lives, although in reality, nothing is going to change within the home.  'Mom and dad will be getting a divorce, but we are living together in this home to raise you guys. We love you with all our hearts.'  That's going to be the theme for our discussions with them. It will remain to be seen how they take it.  I really can't say until we talk to them.

Then it will be off to my parents house to explain things to them.  I think I'll be a little more relieved when the secret is out and  I know I'll feel better about wife's parents knowing since I'm a lot more connected to them then my own parents.  At least they can stop referring to us as a couple, a normal happy, in-love couple.  The wife and I are friends but more like team members now, co-captains of this team, and we have to work together to raise our kids.  That's what we're focusing on now.

Peace and Love

Friday, November 20, 2009

Listen Up Universe

I've been going through a long dry spell lately. Yes, it's been dry as a bone without even a hint of rain. How long has it been since I've had really good sex, or been with a woman that I was really attracted to? How long? It's been a while, and I'd rather not count the months for you. The desert picture can paint a better picture for you than I can express in words

Instead of focusing on what I don't have and what my body aches for, let me focus on what I do want, my vision.  Universe, are you listening?  Pay attention because this is my open letter to you and alternatively my adult letter to Santa Claus:

I see her.  She makes me giddy.  I'm imagining her and the taste of her body. How magnificent those lips are and how delicious her tongue is. I love her hair and she has a wonderful smile. She makes me laugh. She's beautiful. She's what I've been waiting for.

Let it rain universe. Let it pour.

thank you southerngirl for the musical adaption of this post.   She has a unique gift for adapting music to words, and feelings.  You'd better go look at my favorite post of hers to see what I mean.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Listen Up Women

Recently I wrote a post that linked to a Craigslist ad called 'Observations on Sex from a Single Woman'. It doesn't really matter that she was single or married as I thought the observations were great insights on how to better yourself when it comes to bedding a female. I'd like to think of it as most of the good stuff that you never learned in sex-education or from your big brother. And certainly not all the ideas are applicable to every woman. That's why we have a thing called variety and everyone can have their own preferences. Yes, what a great fucking country we live in. You can choose what works well for you, and if anal sex isn't one of them then guys, don't surprise her with trying to slip it in the backdoor because she won't like it. Of course right? Common knowledge.

In the spirit of observing sex with the opposite sex I have opined my own tips for you ladies and while I don't speak for all men, I do speak for Dewey and I've got a few things to say. I've also enlisted the help of fellow male blogger Hubman to add something more to this post. He gave three pointers. The first contribution is from Hubman followed by me, Dewey.

Hubman Says:
We really do love lingerie, but don't go crazy, since it's just going to end up tossed on the floor. All you really need is a matching bra and thong, maybe a camisole instead. Don't bother with much else, okay?

Yes, sometimes I'll lose my hard-on when we're fucking, especially if a condom is involved. It happens and I'm perfectly capable of working past it. But please, DON'T take it personally, it's not because I don't think you're attractive. If I didn't, I wouldn't be fucking you in the first place.

You're curious about trying something new, pushing your boundaries a little, exploring a little kink? Don't be afraid to suggest something, if we haven't already suggested it ourselves! Chances are pretty good that we'll say yes.

Dewey's Basic Training:
When we're in the bedroom together and we start to kiss, my senses are running wild. I want to look at you, to taste you, and to smell you. Smell sets the tone. From a clean mouth to all the other areas it matters a lot. I once had a woman in my hotel room who reeked from b.o. It was a deal breaker. Bad breath is the same thing. Gum or listerine packs are the best.

The most important smell that sets the tone for our time together is a fresh vagina. I can't tell you how many times I've been with a woman who simply didn't wash up before play time. It can be so unpleasant that it overtakes the whole experience.

One woman used essential oils after washing up and I'm telling you that was the best pussy ever.

De-forestation is OK when it comes to your bush. I like trimmed, shaved or waxed, but come at me with a full bush and I'm likely to run away screaming.

The most sexiest attribute I have found about a women is when they are comfortable with their body. I'm not saying you have to love it, and be cocky about it, I'm just saying that when you think of yourself as a sexy woman, with a lot to offer and you don't think about or talk about your insecurities (and trust me, we all have them) I have found that to be so damn irresistible.

A woman who is confident with herself, or at least portrays confidence is my biggest turn on.

How do you turn me off? Being too needy outside of the bedroom. There's a fine line between having your needs met and going overboard with them. A woman voicing her needs , and getting all those needs met becomes hard for me, like a burden. A woman saying, " I need to know that you were satisfied with that sex, or with my body" turns me off. I married needy. I know needy, I know all about a women who is has no self-confidence and hates her body in spite of that body being a "10". I lived with that. It isn't sexy. It's kind of like the too much drama thing.

If in the act of sex you have needs that aren't being met please, by all means, tell me. I'm doing my best to read your body and please you but sometimes I'm not getting any clues or signals and I can't read your mind.

Let's say for a moment that you don't have a perfect body. Even if you're not a "10" imagine that you are. Believe it. I've had a few partners, who were good at this, who didn't need to be told how great they were, or never worried about me coming back for more. I found that sexy and it made me want to go back for more.

Don't ask me "does my butt look good". Never doubt that you have a fine ass. Love your ass, love your body. The more you love it, the more I will love it too.

If we're in bed together naked and having sex, and I want to explore all of you, please don't tell me that some areas are off limits. I've been told many times that I couldn't touch in places because those places were reserved for men who had made some special mental (emotional) connection with you. I like to earn my rewards but withholding areas of your body from me because we're not dating or exclusive just doesn't make sense. Play with me, or don't play at all.

Us men are not hard to please. Stroke our egos occassionally but not too much. Tell us that we're appreciated and give us hugs occasionally. Tease us, kiss us, and you'll have us wrapped around your perfect body in no time.

Afterthought: I love the female body. When it comes to sex and pleasing women, I try to use both heads correctly although God gave me only enough blood for one to function at a time.

What would sex advice to women be without a comment from the Riff Dog. Ladies, can you guess what his single piece of advice is?

"No teeth during blowjobs". Yea, I can't disagree with that.

Ladies and gentlemen I invite you to leave a comment that would add to this post. I spoke personally and I'm sure there are many things I missed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Listen Up Men!

When I first started reading blogs, I think it was Riff's that I saw first, then I found Ms. Inconspicuous. Their posts, along with others, are where I started getting some much needed knowledge, or ideas. The timing couldn't have been better because I needed to reinvent myself sexually, to evolve as a man, as a lover. Was I getting boring? Perhaps, but becoming more confident and taking charge in the bedroom was something that I was not good at. I'll admit it. Reading some great posts was a window into a whole new world that began with adventures like this one for me.

In the spirit of evolving sexually and finding oneself I came across this post on the best of Craigslist. You may agree with some of it and not with others, but I post this for all the men out there, like myself, who are willing, wanting to improve their game, their love life, or simply their fuckability. Men, we have a duty to lend each other tips, advice, and I am doing that today:

Observations on sex from a woman

Just for giggles:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Warning Signs - Top 10

Two warnings off the bat. A) This post is a little bit longer than normal, and B) this post starts off with a negative tone but life is good so don't worry about me. :-) Surely everyone can relate to some of this stuff.

Signs that your spouse isn't that into you anymore:
  1. When you try to give her a kiss she ever so slightly moves her lips away and gives you something closer to her cheek.
  2. When you ask her to have sex she expects you to be hard, at full attention without having given you any stimulus to get that way. Translation = seduce yourself.
  3. When you're not rock hard come sexy time, she's not happy with you. Foreplay is long gone. Daily affection has whithered away. "Hey if you want a hug, you have to ask me for one. I don't know when you want one."
  4. She'd rather give you a hand-job than let you pound her, and not just occasionally but most of the time.
  5. She'd rather make out with the "local" boy at the bar then fuck the shit out of you on a vacation to Baja Mexico when that trip was really supposed to be about the two of you "re-connecting".
  6. She's more into women than you. Although that started off as something really kinky.
  7. Sex is not fun anymore. There's no smiles, there's nothing happy about it. It appears to be more of a duty than a wild, reckless, passionate romp.
  8. When you notice that she's giving you a blow job but really thinking about something else and wondering when you're gonna get through with it.
  9. When she has no idea how sex, within a committed monogamous relationship was a means for how I connected with her. Like no comprehension.
  10. When it's your b-day and you look over at her and talk about b-day sex and she says "yes, I'd like to have that, I'd like to do that for you, but first we need to talk, we need to connect more emotionally before I can do that. I can't have sex when we're not emotionally connected." So we talk for an hour, it's getting late, I'm late for work, and after going through that exercise with her, still no b-day sex. So yea #10 = no b-day sex.

#10 Reminds me of the largest circular problem in my marriage when we were still together. That problem was that she needed me to be "connected" to her, to her needs, to her world, for her to want to have sex with me. I needed her to have sex with me so that I could be connected to her, and want to listen to her. After sex I loved this woman even more than ever. The act itself made me feel more bonded with her. Visualize that circular diagram. We went round and round and usually ended up nowhere, meaning I could only give so much to maintain that emotional thing she needed and it usually wasn't enough for her to want to have sex.

Ironically as soon as our marriage opened up she could/would start having sex with guys to which she had very little attachment to. I asked her to explain that and the bullshit answer isn't even worth sharing here.

Please understand that I am not bitter anymore. I don't hate this woman. I can even look at her in the arms of another man and think good thoughts about her (this happened yesterday). Our relationship physically had just expired like some bad milk. Perhaps I am fully comfortable with her in another mans arms because I am free from all of those above things that haunted me, or maybe because I know that he now must deal with the drama and the personality that I have come to disengage with over the past two years. I am free from having to try to maintain that intense emotional connection she needed, free from having to wonder if we will ever have good sex again because we won't. I swear there were times where she simply needed a girlfriend and used me as a substitute. I am a good listener, but fuck there has to be a payoff in the end and when that payoff, which included sex, started to whither away, I realized that this was no longer a warning sign, it was the end.

Would I ever get married again? No way. I think the ideal relationship/lover is someone who you see two or three times a week, spending as much as 24 hours or even 48 hours together, or as little as 30 minutes, going back to your separate worlds but still keeping a good loving connection between the two of you when you're not seeing each other. Hell, I can't even imagine wanting to live with a woman right now. What I dream about is something simple, something like sitting on a back porch sharing the moonlight, holding hands, drinking a glass of wine, making out, and fucking till midnight. Yes, a little romance, yes, a lot of fucking, but at the end of the day, one of us goes back home.

Oh, and I'll never ever share a bathroom with my lover. Never. I think that kills things too. And please don't share things with me that happened in the bathroom. Wifey always loved to do that, and it's disgusting. I never wanted to hear about your bowel problems or triumphs.

* Btw, the link I shared for Cabo Surf Hotel is where we stayed and in spite of the issues we had at that time, that place was the best surfing I ever experienced. If the right woman comes along, I'll take her and fuck the shit out of her there. I need a re-do. Any volunteers?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HNT: Mirror Image

I looked in the mirror Saturday night as I was applying all kinds of fake blood to my face and getting ready for a good old fashioned Halloween party when suddenly I thought to myself, perhaps this is an image worthy of HNT. So here you go all you hot-sex-blogging-adulterating bitches, a mirror image of Dewey.

Go to the other site for more fun and games.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Valentine's Day

I hate romantic comedies. Life is never like a romantic comedy and when these types of movies are over I'm usually left sitting there thinking:
A) What's wrong with my life and why do I feel a little less better after watching this.
B) This movie was total bull-shit with the sex scenes like that and the woman getting her heel stuck in the street never happens ever. This fucking shit is unrealistic.
C) I would rather watch a drama that is more about the real life things that I think about and experience.

Then I saw this trailer and to be honest I can't decide if it's going to be any of the above. It plays a little to that "being alone on Valentine's Day" stigma that I think is even more bull-shit. It might be none of the above. We'll have to see. But perhaps you ladies will enjoy seeing this movie with all the eye candy:
Bradley Cooper - Patrick Dempsey - Jamie Foxx - Ashton Kutcher - Eric Dane

And guys there are a few hot girls in this one too.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HNT: Lucky

Sometimes I complain about all my problems but, when I look around and think about how great life is, I have to admit that I really am lucky. Some of my friends have traveled outside of this country and are adamant that we've got it pretty good here.

Who Approved This?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Whoop Over Nuthin

My last post got more comments than almost any post I've done before. It seems that most of you thought that I should not mess around with the ex-wife of my wife's boy-fuck-toy, even though my wifey was the one to suggest it. Make sense? So what happened you ask? Did anything happen? The answer is no. In fact I never even met her anytime she was here, but I was totally ok with that. I spent the whole day with an old buddy of mine, playing ping-pong, foosball, drinking some beers, flirting with the ladies, and killing virtual animals on a video gamed called Big Buck Hunter Safari.

I hadn't seen my friend for about 4 months and reconnecting with him was far more satisfying of a day then perhaps what could have been with this other woman that never was. Make sense?

By the way, if you are familiar with the game at all, you'll know who this bitch is below.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Proposition: Is this one Weird?

Hot blogger friends, I need your answer to this question. Your time is limited so feel free to skip to the last two paragraphs.

Thank you to those that asked me to get back into the HNT spirit. It feels good. In fact I've had a very nice 4 days in a row now. I certainly wouldn't be back in the HNT saddle again if I wasn't feeling more like my happy-go-lucky-self. A huge reason why I am feeling better is because I let wifey know that I was very upset. Wifey and I got into a war of words on Sunday and it was the outlet I needed to get my frustrations off my chest. Not that I condone war, but I wasn't going to take it anymore. Neither of of us won this war, but that didn't matter. I said what needed to be said, even if she didn't want to hear it.

But really, I'm feeling better. I'm loving the on-line teasing, the flirting, and the (completely unrealistic) prospects of meeting some of my on-line crushes. Ok, well maybe not all of them are unrealistic. It's all a part of this crazy virtual world and its got my juices flowing again.

The reason I had to post today is because wifey propositioned me today for the darnedest fucking idea I have ever heard. Is this not twisted in some strange sense? Wifey has her boyfriend (boy-fuck-toy), who's got his ex-wife coming to town to visit for the weekend. Wifey tells me that so and so is coming, whom I've never met, and that the four of us should go out together. She tells me that her boyfriends ex really wants to get laid this weekend and that she's cute. huh? I fucking started to laugh on the phone. Are you kidding? You're setting me up with your boyfriends ex-wife? You're playing matchmaker now? After the yelling, cussing, and all that other heavy shit, you actually care about me getting fucked? I don't know what to make of that? It was just 2 weeks ago that I declared I would not socialize with her anymore. This is turning out like a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode with polymory strings attached. Or not.

Besides, where would we all fuck anyways? He lives in a studio where his roommate sleeps on a couch and I frankly don't ever want to see wifey fucking anyone else ever again. Just don't need to see that. Nor do I want to see boy-toy naked. Now, his ex-wife, that might be different. Any thoughts??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HNT: Exposed

This past month I've exposed more of my inner-self than ever before. I have chosen this picture to now reveal more of my outer-self.

Make sure you go and visit Osbasso's to see who else is playing along half-nekkid this week!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Nope, no HNT from me today. I suppose you'll know that when you see another HNT from me that mentally, emotionally, and physically, I've returned to a more normal state.

Last weekend was wifey's birthday celebration. In fact, she's having an all out extended party lasting three weekends in a row. The first weekend was to Vegas, last weekend was the local party, and this coming weekend she'll go out for one overnight with her boyfriend. Add to that the fact that she's got a new job, and she's pretty much been busier then ever and I've had to pick up the job of parenting myself. Remember, its parenting four kids. They're good kids and young enough to not have found too much trouble but I've been busy lately.

To lessen up my workload I stopped seeing Tall-Chick. Thank you everyone for your support in my cutting that off. I'll tell you what I'll miss most about her. After we had sex, she would go to the bathroom, warm up the water, soak a towel in it, walk back to the bed, and completely clean my bits and pieces up. Yea, I'd never had a personal cock-washer before and she did such a nice job. She would tease it a bit too and get it hard again and that was always fun and giggles for her. So yea, I'm going to miss the cock-wash the most.

Ohh, she tempted me in such a bad way last weekend to come up to her place and take refuge for a night. She moved recently into the most beautiful house with an ocean view and I'm telling you that it was hard to say no, but alas, it was the right thing to do.

So wifey turned 40 and all of her family came in the past weekend surprising her for her birthday. I had been so literally overwhelmed by all the stuff lately that I really didn't even want to go to her bday party-dinner.

Fuck it.

That's kind of the nature of what I'm feeling toward her lately. I knew I would be uncomfortable there. Uncomfortable because I'm not mixing very well socially with her lately. We haven't announced to anyone in her family that we are going to get divorced. When her father got up to give a toast and referred to me and her, I wanted to stand up and exclaim that I wasn't technically really her partner anymore, but that the dude sitting right across from me, her on-off again boyfriend, was really the one fucking her and taking home the pussy prize. Me, I'm just the one that was dumb enough to pay for the new pussy, the vaginal rejuvenation, and breast job, but not really the one to enjoy the benefits of my investment. Ughh, oh yea, I haven't told you readers about the monies I've spent, before things went horribly wrong with wifey, and the economy, on all her "procedures" to fix what having four kids did to her body. That's a post for another time.

But you get the gist right? I'm there at a big table, lots of our friends, her family, and everyone, except a couple people, are expecting the two of us to dote over each other on this grand night, and I literally don't even want to be there. I'm ready for the secret to come out of the bag that we are simply parenting together and raising children but otherwise I've been over this woman for quite a while. So do I have a open marriage? Technically yes, but theoretically I can't stand to be around her, so what kind of marriage is that. It's not a marriage. At times lately I feel so imprisoned. Locked in a cage if you will. I can't run away from her and move on with my life because we have these wonderful kids that need us both. When we have that talk with our kids, which I will be pressing to happen real soon, and then we talk to our families, I think I'll feel just a little bit better. It will be progress.

Truthfully I need to feel better. I need to feel more like my happy go-lucky self. I've been in a place lately where all I can see is the negative, where I can't see how we're going to get out of debt when the spending isn't stopping, or where I can hardly envision falling in love again or having a relationship for that matter. Just having a fuck-buddy seems like a lot of work. Dewey's next HNT couldn't come any sooner.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's Up With You Dewey?

I haven't talked much recently about where my head is at and what I've been up to. Some of you have been asking about me and I appreciate that. This Dewey has not been himself lately although that's not a bad thing its just that things are different now. I've been talking to wifey about getting a divorce, although we both will continue to stay in the house to raise the kids and I feel positive about that, about going through with that. It will be like a giant weight lifted and all my friends and family will know more about what's going on in my life. I'd like my parents to know for one thing. They'll know the real me just a little bit better. Most importantly my kids will know that mom and dad are not modeling a "normal" relationship. It's tricky and will require special attention to their emotional needs. Believe me when I say that my kids are the highest priority.

As for me? What trouble have I been into? Just a little bit. I'm still messing around with Tall Chick and although she understands that I can't have, or deal with, a real relationship at present, she has subtle expectations and has obvious hopes for something more which is a huge turn off for me. Managing expectations, or hopes, for anyone else is tricky and yet it shouldn't have to be. I laid out my case for what I was/am capable of and frankly a fuck-buddy is about it. She pushes the boundaries though and I tend to get freaked by it. Then she backs off. It's a stupid little game we play.

But the game, as much as I enjoy fucking, has got to end. I'm simply not that attracted to her. This is a huge problem for me. It's lifelong. I tend to settle for relationships or people, even when I'm not attracted. How lame is it, or how lame am I that this woman is always complementing me, telling me how "beautiful I am", or how my "eyes are gorgeous" and I can't reciprocate back. I just try and be polite.

She's even tossing around the "I love you's" but with this disclaimer that its more like "I love to be with you". Ughh. Ehh. Eww. Yuck. Not wanting that with her. She knows it too. I've told her. I'm not hiding anything from her, although I haven't come right out and said that I'm really not that attracted to you. Anyways, I have to end it (again) and soon. It's just getting lame and wearing me down.

I miss a little bit of who I was before I met her. Yes, I was searching for a partner, and possibly someone that would be more than a fuck-buddy but she's not it. She isn't what I'm looking for, and to be honest, I'm kind over searching for someone anyways. Its a cross between lack of libido, troubling financial times, and a pending divorce, so yea, my plate is full and I need to get rid of the things that are weighing me down.

I've spent a lot of time on my blog describing various sexual positions or attributes of partners that I've had and most of it has been in a positive light. What I'm currently troubled by with Tall Chick is just strange to me. So here it goes:
1. She doesn't let anything near her pussy except my cock. She won't let me go down on her. I guess her vagina accepts cock but does not take my mouth. She said it was something to do with feeling close to me, like if we were more connected then she'd let me go down on her? WTF? This is not the first time I've heard this. Some women aren't comfortable letting a man go down on them until they feel more "attached" to that man. Why? What the hell? You undoubtedly love to give me blow jobs but I insist on eating your pussy so why do you have to lock your legs like that? I love pussy. I get it that some women don't let men go down on them at all. I met one of you one time. Fine, you thinks its gross, but those of you that wait to give VIP access based upon your emotional needs being fulfilled are an enigma to me.
2. The sex is just OK. It isn't anything exciting. She has a nice body but adventurous she is not.
3. She likes to talk during sex and a lot afterwards. In fact she likes to talk all the time. When she opens her mouth I'm reminded of the YouTube video of the girl (baby) that can't stop talking. It's a crack up. I actually hear the baby while Tall-Chick is talking. That's gotta be a bad sign.

So I need to end it once and for all. I'd even rather go back to that damn old bitch Ashley Madison just to engage in the occasional NSA attached encounters. Yes, I miss those and I miss feeling sexually charged, invigorated. I miss wanting to go to the gym and feeling motivated to work out. I go sporadically but I'm not going consistently. I miss enjoying coming to my blog and posting about stuff. I miss thinking about things like Hot Blogger Island.

If you feel inspired to leave me a comment, possibly you could remind me that I'm going to end it once and for all and move on. That would be encouraging. Thanks for reading this far and for being such a supportive community.

**Update - as of two hours from writing this post I officially ended it with Tall Chick and now I'll be thinking about returning to my normal self, my normally scheduled programming**

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breast Awareness

I was a boy scout, and yes, I even went as far as getting my eagle scout badge, but had I known that I could have done breast exams for my project I would have gone in that direction.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Blogger Bullet Points

I think its silly that when leaving comments for others that we have to type this code word to finalize the process. You know what I'm talking about, that silly nonsensical cluster of letters that usually doesn't mean a thing. I guess its some kind of spammer tool, but really, are any of us getting hit by spammers? I'd like to propose a change with those that use that tool. I don't use it btw because I like to save anyone who comments some time. But when the word comes up, it should have something to do with the post. I want to type in words that have some meaning related to the post I just read, such as blowjob (not really a word), or cuntsucker, or fuck. Yea, fuck is a good one.

Blogger reciprocity is an interesting phenomena. I'm talking about this compulsion I feel when responding to people who have left me comments. I have to respond to comments, and or I have to leave comments on their posts. I have to. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes I feel as though its a responsibility and just needs to get done. When I first started blogging the comments were how I got noticed and were important to me. There were a couple blogs that I read religiously and left comments with all the time. But because they never took the time to read my blog, and leave comments as proof, then I dropped them and moved on to people who reciprocated. Is this common? It leads me back to the discussion of why we blog, or why I blog, in the first place. Do I do it to get noticed/attention or do I have no expectations of anyone and do it for myself wholeheartedly. I'd like to think its more of the latter than the former.

And then there are those weeks where I remove myself completely from this virtual world. That happened this past month. There was no motivation or enthusiasm for logging in. I feel guilt for acting that way because I feel like I'm abandoning good people and that they'll ditch me for not staying connected. Maybe I have some crazy expectations or maybe I'm overthinking it all. I'm sure that the friends that I've made here lately are secure enough in our friendship that if I disappear for a while that it's all ok, and reasonable. No one has told me otherwise.

Finally a quick hello, a smile, and a nod of appreciation to those of you that have become my friends over the past 4 months. You guys rock.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Love You Wifey - Part II

It's 5am and the hotel is totally quiet except for that fire alarm that just went off. Fuck its loud but thank goodness we got the fire out and there was just minimal damage to some pillows, the carpets and the wall. Yes, we started a fire, but we got it out fast. When the security officers came into our room and searched around we had to convince them that this was not a result of a drug or cigarette moment but that a candle had gone haywire and lit the pillow on fire.

People in the other rooms started coming out of their rooms wondering if it was safe. I was in shock and embarrassed. I couldn't see the humor in it although Blondie thought the whole thing was hilarious. Fortunately I had just been untied from the bed before it happened.

You see Blondie had tied me up that night right after we had left wifey at a night club. This was our second night with Blondie and the weekend had fast become a thrilling sexual adventure for the three of us. But here I was at this moment alone with Blondie and she had taken the liberty of tying me up. She was good. She was really fucking good. She flipped her hair over her head and stroked my whole body with it. It was sensual, delicious and felt like nothing I felt before. I marveled in my first moment/experience with rope. The power, the control, the trust, all elements that had my head swirling.

Wifey returned to the hotel room later and the two of them decided that with just a couple hours left before my special weekend was over that they would treat me to a special surprise. Looking down on my cock I was pleasantly awakened to see both of them, both of their faces within inches of it. Yes, two beautiful women licking, rubbing, sucking, and massaging my cock. It really is true that having both of them move their mouths up and down on it together was a feeling that you can't explain or mimic. It just felt so good.

With just one hour left before checkout, I grabbed both of their dildo's which were already on the bed, and I began to pleasure both of them. Yes, my right hand and my left hand were feeding two beautiful vagina's at the same time. The ladies were laying side by side, legs spread apart and I took a mental snapshot that no one can ever take away from me. As luck would have it, they both took about 15 minutes to really get warmed up and they were literally in sync, in harmony with each other. I juiced them up with some more lube and both women climaxed together.

God damn . . . just a fucking amazing moment, a beautiful memory and a great way to finish our weekend with Blondie.

Fortunately the picture in the beginning of this post was not our hotel. Can you imagine if your candle started that fire though?

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Love You Wifey - Part I

I married a pretty cool chick. Yes indeed. And yes at times I feel the polar opposite of that feeling but occassionally, such as last night, I do take a moment to tell her I love her and tell her how much I appreciate her. As we were having our monthly "partner round-table" discussion about our kids and about our family, I couldn't help but for the moment to feel joy and to feel as though my place in life is nice. It's good. Certainly we could divorce now, as I've talked about before but we don't want to put our kids through that. However, we also don't want to mislead them, or to have them think that we are modeling a "healthy loving marriage/relationship". Because it simply isn't that. So it will be forthcoming to our children soon that mom and dad love each other, and love them, but that we're not "in love" with each other.

At some point we'll get a divorce, but it isn't necessary for now. We can all live under the same roof and our family stays intact.

We'll be seeking the assistance of a professional in how we word it to them. The wording is very very important and I suppose when we take each child at a time and discuss it with them that it will be a moment they will never ever forget. We want to do our best to make that moment is as positive and reassuring to them as can be. Their emotional well being is the most important priority. More to come on that as it begins to unfold.

So I started to write this post as a term of endearment for wifey and I want to share something nice that she did for me when we still had a sexual connection. It was my birthday two years ago and she took me to this cute little bar on the pier in our cozy beach town. We were sitting drinking a beer for nearly 20 minutes and talking about the surroundings and people in the bar. As we're talking I look across the room and notice a female that stood out for the obvious reason that she was smoking hot, but also because she seemed somewhat familiar. So familiar that I had to get up and go over to see if I knew her. As I approached her and we made eye contact I was blown away with delight and shear surprise. I can still remember this moment as if it were in slow motion. You see wifey invited a special friend (blondie) of ours from college to be with us for the weekend. She flew her in to town from out of state.

Wifey knew that I had a crush on blondie and she spent a few months planning this special surprise for me. Dewey was in fucking blonde, hot ass/tits heaven. But more than that I had two gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, smart women as my companions for the weekend. Can you imagine what I was thinking when guys at the bars were trying to hit on both of them? 'Sorry dude, they're both with me, and both are going home with me. Better luck next time Joe Blow.' Yes, it was Wifey-Dewey-Blondie. Now that was a sandwich I could eat all day and night. Believe me when I say that I could never get full on that meal.

We dance-party all night the first night and head back to the hotel. The girls get giggly and a bit nervous. This was blondies first time with a couple. The lights are low, the music is soft, and the girls get comfortable on the bed in their bra and panties. They start to kiss each other and I'm laying right beside them.

Fuck!! Just a fucking gorgeous site. Trust me when I say this site blows the socks off any sunset, landscape, wonders-of-the-world type phenomena. Fuck you Grand Canyon, I have two hot bitches in bed with me.

I start to undo their bra's while they are kissing and when their tits are touching I'm so giddy with hard-on delight. This is pretzel zone here where bodies are intertwined, wet pussies everywhere, mouths all over the place, and one stiff cock at attention. I remember everything so vividly, because frankly what dumbass wouldn't when this is happening. At one moment wifey is laying down on her back and I'm thrusting my appreciative cock inside her when I'm overcome with a warm sensation underneath me. What?? Huh? I look down and blondie is underneath me. She has taken my balls into her mouth and is using her fingers around my ass. Yes, her wet fingers are circling that area while my balls are in her mouth and my cock is in wifey's pussy. A special moment, brought to you by the phrase "fuck me".

This kind of action continued for another hour or so, and wifey collapsed into sleep from shear exhaustion yet blondie wasn't done nor was my love missile. I had more targets to fire on and more firepower left in me. We fucked until we collapsed, or until the sun came up. I'm not quite sure about that. I am quite sure though that I couldn't have gotten enough of her because when morning arrived, and wifey left us for an hour to run an errand (wink wink), I did indeed commence into more fun. Too much fun. More than any man should have.

Dewey came, and came again and returned the favor over and over again. The first orgasm that I gave her was with both of my hands. One hand using my fingers to fill her insides with and the other hand meticulously cirling and massaging her clit. As she started to get close to climaxing I lightly started to slap her her clit and she loved it. Her orgasm building and both my hands working her furiously with our tongues connected I started to vigorously slap her clit like a bad bug bite and she ate it up. Her orgasm so intense that she started shaking, and crying. It was the happy cry. It was the, 'I haven't ever orgasmed like that before' cry. She was happy and so was I.

We packed up our stuff, went out to eat together and drove to the City of Angels for what would be an even a more climactic and fun filled addition to the weekend. Stay tuned for part two of this weekend story. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. How can you not love a woman that plans all this shit out for you?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Strange Feelings

I started writing this post with the all so familiar terms like, "oh, I've been real busy lately, and haven't had time for posting or commenting on others blogs - blah, blah, blah" and then I realized that it's not that I haven't had time but that I just haven't felt compelled to visit this part of my life. My motivation level has been low lately and lower than I care for. Yes, I've been busy, but my blogging mojo has gotten lost. Here's my rather believable list of reasons why:
1. I've been busy in a new relationship that I'm not sure I want to be in.
2. I've been dealing with a soar throat for a few days and not sleeping very well.
3. I lapsed a little this past week on my toning the drinking down.
4. I've had little to no energy.
5. They closed the gym for a whole week and I really missed/needed it.
6. I've had, or been almost completely responsible for my kids for about a week now and I had them for the whole labor day weekend while wife went away.

So yes, maybe I've been a little bit overwhelmed lately. Certainly I feel at odds about #1 right now. We've started to see each other and yes we did sleep with each other and it was nice but I'm not sure if we should have. I feel very strange about the whole situation and I hate feeling this way. For a while now I've been talking about wanting a real relationship with someone and here, I've got one and I have every reason to be happy because she really likes me and I like her, I'm just hesitant. I'm hesitant for reasons I'll go into later. Suffice it say, I've been in new relationships before and felt a whole lot better about it, or happier but I don't feel those things. She wants to go out of town with me this weekend and I don't know that I want to. I'm not sure about a lot right now.

One thing I do know is that this is a phase, that feeling this crappy will not last forever, and that's something to be grateful for. I'm sorry to my fellow bloggers out there who have been so nice and supportive in leaving comments to me, and I do hope to return the favor shortly.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hard and Soft

I have a hard body and yet I have the softest skin. I want you to feel both. Come touch me, caress me, squeeze me. See for yourself. Explore this universe, and settle in my world.

For more fun visit the HNT folks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Curiosity Rules the Day

It was our first night together, our first moments away from the crowd, away from the party. We'd spent a while trying to find a room and finally found someplace suitable to fall into each other. We kissed and sucked on each others lips. I unlatched her bra and buried my face in her beautiful breasts and perfect nipples. This was a passionate foreplay session. Everything was off except my grey boxer briefs. Her panties never came off either. My cock was ready to explode, yet she did not indulge it. We just didn't go there, and I was fine with that. For two hours we made out like high school kids who were under strict orders not to have sex. It actually reminded me of the kind of makeout - teasing - foreplay I used to do in high school. I was fucking great at it then, and I think I still am. I know she was.

This past weekend we took some time to finally talk and get to know each other. We went to a sporting event, sipped champagne, and ate cheese. I found out a lot of things about tallchick that I hadn't know and that I wanted to know. For starters she is just 5'8" even though I thought she was taller. Maybe its the 2" inch heals that she's always wearing. We had a definite getting to know each other day together. Later we shared dinner, and we capped the night off with a beautiful conversation on the beach, with a bright moonlight and the crashing waves just feet from our toes.

I dropped her off and kissed her goodnight, thinking about her body, wondering how it will be, wondering how the rest of her tastes, wondering how our first time together will be like. The anticipation of our first fuck is exciting and mysterious. How will it go? When will it happen? Where will it happen? So many questions . . .

Friday, August 28, 2009

Change is the Only Constant

Yesterday I get a phone call from wifey and Dewey knew in an instant, in that first breath, that there was trouble. Maybe it was the sobbing on her end, the barely able to speak gut wrenching sadness kind of cry. I knew right away that she finally did it, she broke up with her boyfriend. They'd been together for almost 4 months and as I've said before I was so happy for her to have found this guy, and happy for her to fall in love with him. They were a "hot" couple and their energy was so positive.

But alas, their relationship was unhealthy, and she did the brave, courageous thing by walking out on him and leaving him. It took guts, and I commended her, and later I hugged her and offered whatever help I could. But mostly I just listened to her and let her try and sort through her actions, her stance, and her disapproval of his behavior. He has some deep seeded jealousy, possessiveness, and abandonment issues, and whenever he smoked weed, or drank excessively these skeletons leaped out the closet. She decided that enough was enough and that she wouldn't put up with his shit. I commend you wifey, and yes, I do think that if he cared enough about you, about your relationship, that he would put aside some of his habits, and do what it takes to make himself healthier as a human being. (FYI - she doesn't know I blog. No one knows, except you my dear readers/fans/fantasy fucks).

If you find yourself in an open marriage and your spouse gets really attached to someone and then they break-up, you may find yourself in a position where you offer the kind of support, or love, or empathy that you wouldn't have ever thought possible. There's no way in hell that I could have ever thought this scenario possible just 5 years ago, or 10, or 15. Who can predict such interesting dynamics? I discussed this topic with Sexy Sadie and found that she too had experience with it. We agreed that having a spouse there for you, when things do go bad, or when the relationship does end, can be a huge support to that person who's struggling and who may be hurting. I just didn't envision being that kind of person. Wifey thanked me over and over again for my kindness and support and my response was that I knew that she would do the same for me if I was feeling the way she was. I knew she would be there for me, so I chose to be there for her, yesterday, and now.

The last four months Dewey has been supportive and generous in giving wifey plenty of time to explore her relationship and to be with her boyfriend. She was gone maybe two nights out of the week while I was at home being the sole parent. Now however things have changed and the wheels are about to turn in a 180 degree turn.

I met someone recently!!

Yes I fucking did. I met someone right here in my town, and to top it off, the first time that she and I spent good quality time together was at a party where both my wife and her (ex)boyfriend were there. That has been somewhat of a hurdle you know: "Yes, young lady, I would like to date you, and yes, I do have kids, and btw I am married and still live in the same house with my wife". Not too many women find that scenario very attractive, no matter how good looking I may be. But no, not this time, and not with this woman. She knows about the situation and she still wants a piece of me. I'll call her TallChick since she's about 5'10". Oh, she's slim, nice curves, fantastic tits, a nice ass, and she's funny, witty, precocious, adventurous, flirty - all traits I find attractive in a woman. Did I tell you that she has a job too? Ha! Seems like these days thats got to be an attractive quality.

I am ready! I am so ready for a normal, ok, somewhat normal, relationship with a woman where we can do normal couple things, have dates, travel, snuggle, and do all manner of wickedness together. Yes, I've been looking for someone that can I can fuck on a consistent basis and have her close to me. Close emotionally and physically. I've got so much to give, to offer and I'm ready to both give and receive. It was Southern Girl that wrote recently that she was starved for both physical and emotional connection, and I can identify with that. Not having to drive an hour and 1/2 to meet someone just to fuck, who's cheating on their husband has been a hit and miss letdown. Fucking is nice, but fucking someone you care about, whom you have a connection with is more my style.

Last weekend TallChick and I had the privilege of driving around town for 30 minutes and finding every damn hotel room full. Every place said no vacancy. Surely this is how Joseph must have felt when he was carting Mary around and there was "No room in the Inn", except that she's no Virgin Mary, and we were not about to have a baby, thank god!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get a Grip Dewey

I'm going to depart for a moment today from my usual recklessness and lustful attitude and admit that I need to work on something. I want to work on something, and yet I don't want to quit it altogether because when done properly (if there is such a place/time) can be fun.

I have been drinking too much lately.

There, I said it. I need to take a look at why and cut back from it. I don't want to quit because the occasional social drink is really nice, but its the getting hammered at home, where my kids can see me that has me more worried. It's when I go too far and send a text to a friend late at night only to have her so pissed and angry at me that she wants me to get out of her life for good. Yes, that happened and it was a bummer. It's bumming me out today. The loss of a friend because of a random late drunk text is really sad to me. Sad enough to drive me here and confess that I need to take this seriously and get a grip.

Why do I do it? Why isn't it that one or two isn't enough for me? Why do I drink like 4 or 5 beers every night? I don't think its totally out of control for me (I think all alcoholics probably say that), but I could see a train wreck up ahead if I don't make changes now, today, cut back, and replace this bad habit with a more productive one.

For the reasons that I need to examine in my psyche this started about 6 months ago. Coincidentally, about 6 months ago, while I was an occasional drinker, and I was in fabulous physical shape. You could say I had peaked for what I wanted in terms of health and a good body. It's also the time I realized that while I wanted out of my marriage, I was going to stay in the same home with my wife and raise the kids with her. So, I have some things to work through and I'm telling you all here because I can, and because I want to remind myself every day that I have so much to be grateful for and that life is quite good right now. Life is very good, and there's no reason to fuck it up with an out of control drinking problem.

Ironically I didn't have the nerve to start this blog until one afternoon in May when I had drunk a couple beers. Now I'm writing this post in Aug and I'm telling myself, reminding myself, pleading with myself, to get a handle on it and nip it in the bud, now before I hurt anyone else including myself any further.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HNT: Cock Block

I'm not fond of those cock blockers. If she wants its, well then get out of the way Mr./Mrs. Block


Friday, August 14, 2009

HBI - Hot Blogger Island

I have a vivid imagination, and as it turns out so do many of the lovely blogger ladies out there too. Why not? I mean, this is the place that many of us fantasize, flirt, and lust. Many of you, my hot blogstresses, are consummate flirts here and say things you wouldn't otherwise say or verbalize in the real world. Yes, the virtual world has its advantages and I must say that I enjoy the fruits of your anonymity. And by fruits I mean, the naughty shit you tell me. Yep, give it to me. As Madonna so rightfully sang recently:

Got no boundaries and no limits
If there's excitement, put me in it
If it's against the law, arrest me
If you can handle it, undress me

Don't stop me now, don't need to catch my breath
I can go on and on and on
When the lights go down and there's no one left
I can go on and on and on

Give it to me, yeah
No one's gonna show me how
Give it to me, yeah
No one's gonna stop me now

I digressed a bit, but fuck, Madonna, how do you do it after all these years?

Anyways, let me get to the point of this post. I call it Hot Blogger Island HBI. I propose a safe place to take virtual into reality. Yep, its another fantasy, but it involves all of you out there who make me so fucking happy, and who have fulfilled my life in a new way that I didn't think possible.

HBI exists somewhere in my imagination between American health standards, Caribbean tranquility, and Vietnamese tropical exoticism. There's a warm tropical breeze all day and night, just enough to cool the sweat from the hot sun. Yes, the weather is amazing . . . perfect. It's hot, but we have showers placed within every 20 sq feet of the island so you can cool off, clean up, get the sand off, and be ready for your next adventure.

There's plenty of activities to do on this island but before we talk about them I have to focus on the main purpose of HBI. HBI is where we can live our fantasies. It's a safe place to indulge your sexual appetites, to send those neurons firing toward the hypothalamus. Whatever your fantasies are, come to the island, and live it. Have it. Maybe it involves seduction, or a romantic hike through a rain forest that ends at a "screensaver" type waterfall. Yep, the water is warm in these parts, I think its about 80 degrees. Get undressed and swim naked. Not half-nekkid, but completely let yourself go. This is the place for that. You are beautiful here, and never question yourself or doubt your looks. Your confidence here is unlike it has ever been anywhere else. You are truly beautiful.

HBI is a place for fucking. It smells like ocean, sand, and fuck. The smell of hot sex permeates the grounds. This island is designated an 'All Fuck Zone'. Even the monkeys and rabbits are jealous. But that's the only case where jealousy is accepted or tolerated. Bring your husbands ladies, or your boyfriends, or your Jude Laws, George Clooney's, but leave the ones at home that get jealous or possessive. Or just come by yourself, because that works for me too. This is a place where sex is exchanged around the clock and everyone, everyone in my community is happily actively sharing. Share yourself, your body, your gorgeous parts, those eyes, that luscious ass, those perfect arms, and that ever so willing cunt with me. Give it to me. You will be so happy that you came here. I will take care of you. No need will go unmet. Do you need your clit licked while I plunge a vibrator toy into you? Do you need this for 2.5 hours? I'm happy to oblige.

Fucking for 24-7-365 is not literally possible from the last time I checked Guinness Book of World Records, so we have other activities to do while we recharge those triple X batteries. There's hot stone massage, Swedish, aromatherapy, and Shiatsu. We have sports of all sorts, including volleyball, tennis, snorkeling, scuba, and surfing. We even have a nice gym with whatever class is currently tickling your fancy here at home. There exists the finest foods and chefs on this island. Every aspect of human hedonism is embraced. We eat, drink, sleep, and fuck, all of that in reverse order. There will be occasions to get very dressed up so bring your best dresses and hottest shoes. I happen to like the Jimmy Choo line myself. There will be dancing and loud music as well. Yes, I can cut it up on the dance floor. Can you?

Ladies, I know what you're thinking, you're thinking this sounds perfect, that being on this island with Dewey sounds wonderful, but what about . . . what about . . . shopping? 'I still need to shop'. I've got that covered too. There's a bridge, about 30 minutes long that takes you back into the malls, the Macy's, the Nordies, the Bloomingdale's, but, sorry Wal-Mart isn't one of them. You can even meet up with your unwilling, inhibited girlfriends for some social time, since you all seem to need that, but please don't be gone for too long. I'm already missing those nice breasts, the great conversation, and that smile of yours with those very round cheeks that melts me. Honey, you know who you are, so get back here to my hut ASAP.

This is the tricky part here. Who's invited? I would like to open the invitation to everyone that has flirted with me, complimented me, commented on me, texted me, or connected with me on some level. I adore you ladies, and yes, some of you I hope to remain friends with forever. If we just recently met on-line, chances are I don't have a hut with your name on it, but never fear, we can always build a bigger island. And yes, I do have room for a couple of men, but sorry guys you'll have to sleep out in the life boats because we're running out of room. Yes Riff Dog, I'm talking to you.

Here's a napkin drawing of the island, with some of the amenities. You'll need to click on it to see the details. Please feel free to add input as you deem necessary. This is a work in progress. By the time its ready to go to the planning commission I hope that everyone has participated in its evolution. It's my "happy place". Oh, did I tell you that I have a big imagination?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HNT: Rip Em Off

Click on me!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

20 Year Wait

Two versions - Short and a Long for those who give a shit about the 'fucking' details.

Short Version:
I met a woman whom I've had a crush on for 20 years. She was the high school beauty queen. The first time I ever saw her I imagined fucking this woman because that's what I do. Maybe The Secret does work? It just took a long time, but she rewarded me in such a way that I couldn't have even comprehended how fucking amazing a night with her would be like as a horny teenager.

Long Version:
Are some things worth waiting 20 years for? I say yes, and this past weekend was a confirmation of that. Dewey is a very very happy camper. Happy isn't even the right adjective. I've been describing recently some of the things that I wanted, and missed. If you're a regular follower then you know that I'm talking about missing some romance, passion, and seduction. You've known that I wanted to be with a woman where I could have all the time that I wanted, where I could leave my mark(s), and not worry about getting her into trouble. And finally I've missed having a hard pounding fuck for some time. It's just been a while. Thank geebus for Saturday night and loosely organized re-unions.

I spotted her in the crowd and immediately walked up to her. It was the first time we had officially met although we've been friends on FB for about 4 months (yes, I stalked her). This was someone I wanted to meet, to know, to fuck, from the moment I saw her in high school 20 years ago. We never talked back then, I just lusted her from a distance. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. She was quite literally the hottest girl in my school. Her eyes were magical, almost unreal. They have this reptilian quality about them and I found myself trying hard not to stare at them out of sheer enjoyment for their mesmerizing qualities. So yes, awestruck by her feminine power nearly 20 years ago, and remembering vividly one afternoon of working out in the gym, where she I and were the only two people doing stairs and thinking how badly I wanted to fuck her. That was the start of a 20 year crush.

I walk up to her, we hug, we laugh, we drink, we dance, we talk, we eat, and we have a great night together. We moved to another location where we repeated all the above over again, and yet this time there was more flirting, there was touching, and hand holding. Yes, I was tripping over the fact that I was standing there with her holding hands while the bars were closing and the moon light was just right. She's sitting on the outside elevated patio where we start to kiss and just take each others mouths in. Oh, how she tasted. I couldn't close my eyes because I loved her face. You know that feeling when someone is so attractive and you can't take your eyes off of them and you can't stop asking yourself 'Is this really happening? Did I just win some high school lotto?'

We go back to my office, where I slowly undress her and kiss every inch of this goddess. It's a perfect mood light inside and my mood is grateful and horny. I'm keen on good lighting. Not too much, yet not too little, and the way the light shined off of her stomach, the way it left just the right shadows on her face was driving me crazy. She's standing with her back against the wall, and I'm on my knees moving her panties aside with my fingers and kissing her loveliness. I've got them all the way off now and my tongue is inside of her. It's a perfect taste.

The temperature is just right, the music is playing, and she undresses me. Yes, it's my office. Yes, its private, its where I am typing this post from as we speak, and where I can still picture her body laid out on my desk, legs spread apart, inviting me to indulge myself in a 20 year fantasy. My desk then becomes the abused. Shit is flying everywhere, calculators, speakers, remote controls, papers, files, and finally the monitor, all of just flying off as I do my Dewey thing, my duty. It's loud, its, sweaty, its skin, its pounding, its fucktacular. I stop to take my breathe, to lick her perfect pussy and to relish in this moment. Yes, its a great moment in fuck history and I'm glad I was there, but more importantly I am glad for every moment that led up to this. It was a night of seduction, of eyes connecting, of constant laughter and that rare human bond. Yes, I felt so very alive, so very happy.

I had all the time I wanted with her. There was no curfew, and no husband anywhere to speak of. I left a few slight marks on her, and I prayed that she would be alright with that. She didn't complain. We left after a while, holding hands, not talking about anything, but just enjoying the silence. She's gone now, left back to the state where she lives. I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder if I'll ever see her again. For now, I'm just going to lean over and enjoy her beautiful scent she left on my desk and hope the cleaning crew doesn't touch it for a little while.

It still smells like a 20 year wait should . . . perfect.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Call on Me

I had a mind blowing Saturday night, and I'm still repeating it all in my head -the way she looked, the way she smelled, her hair, her skin, her smile. We danced, drank, and partied all night long and into the morning. She even laughed at all of my jokes. It was a 20 year fantasy fulfilled. Yes, some are worth waiting for.

When I'm ready to discuss the details I'll post it, but in the meantime, this video reminds me that I need to get back into the gym.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Threesome Funsome and Thensome

I recently wrote about a random hot threesome that I had nearly two years ago and some of the comments got me to thinking about group dynamics and multiple person sex. For starters, it's not as easy as it looks on porn. It takes communication, and a group effort to make sure all parties are invested in everyones happiness-fulfillment. If someone in that group is only set on receiving and not in giving then it could be a disaster. If only one person in the group is receiving all the attention, and say, two or three others are being ignored, then again, it might not go over so well. These are things that can and should be negotiated before one jumps in the collective group sack.

I've had a few experiences with the group dynamic and I consider them mostly to be successful. They were fun. Some of them I plan to write about in detail later, because they are some of my fondest memories. But occasionally things don't always go as planned. There was one time when we met a couple and took them back to our hotel room. We discussed rules and had ourselves a dandy time. I was still so young in it all, but I remember when it came time for the boys to have both of the women to themselves, I, because I am a fucking nice guy, volunteered to have the other guy go first. To let him have play-fuck-time with both women. When his time was, up, and believe me, he had more than enough ample time IMO, I told him to get up and give me time. He refused to at first. Just the hint of tension started to erode that moment. And really, I gave him like 30 minutes, which seemed like an eternity considering I had been fantasizing of having two women with me at the same time for a long ass time. Eventually he conceded and it was worth the wait.

Another time I was having a FMM and this guy was a total stranger to me, but best friends with the girl. He was an interesting dude. As we were both playing with this woman, he starts talking to me, encouraging me, cheering me on, like a coach, like a mother fucking motivational speaker. He's saying, "Dewey, go harder, go faster, fuck her faster, and deeper". And I'm thinking, 'dude, I am going hard, I can't go any deeper, I am fucking as best as I possibly can.' When I got up and went to shower after that episode, I sat in the tub and started thinking about what just transpired. They were still in the bedroom, and as I reviewed all the things he was telling me while I had been playing with the girl, I thought the whole thing was funny as hell. I mean, I appreciated his enthusiasm, but, I wasn't prepared for his motivational dirty talk as I was going at it. It was a hysterical moment in that bathtub. She still to this day talks about how funny it was just to hear me laughing my ass off non-stop.

And finally, the last time I had a MMF threesome my wife totally surprised me. She met me at a cheap, and I mean dirt cheap hotel, where she sat me down and tied my hands behind my back. Yes, it was meant to be a dirty experience. She had this other guy in the room and the two of them proceeded to fuck like crazy. I was thinking to myself that he was pulling moves that I had never seen in porn. The dude was delivering a hard pounding fuck and I was appreciating the lesson. Eventually she unzipped me, after I couldn't take it anymore, and sucked my cock, as I was sitting there watching him fuck her from behind. Great moments in fuck history and worth mentioning here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HNT: Post Shower

There's something so incredibly fresh about having some fun after taking a shower. What is it exactly? The way you smell? Is it your wet hair, or is it because you're soooo . . . . naked? I like naked. I like HNT's.

For more of the fun check out the others participating at Osbasso's site.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Romancing the Dewey

I miss something. I miss romance. It can take so many forms. The last time I tasted it was New Years Eve 2008. I went to a party and I knew that my girlfriend at the time would be there, and that I had to find her in this fucking huge mansion. Walking through the maze of halls and stairs, I finally found Miss Korea. South Korea to be exact. She was such an interesting woman - the artistic kind with head shaved, a beautiful smile, and a nice body. She was great in bed, but outside of the bedroom I found that it was difficult to connect with her.

I see her in a hallway, dressed in a beautiful red dress, but she looked at me almost like she was pissed about something, and as I approached her she pulls me into her and lays an enormous kiss on me. She was sincerely seducing me at that moment. It was a great beginning to a very romantic, elegant night. Perhaps the last time I felt very sincere romance. We danced, partied with friends, drank some alcohol, and kissed all night long. We ended the night in her bedroom and I felt like it really was a romantic moment. I enjoy that, the getting dressed up, the seduction, the sincere passion. Why is that so hard to find now? It's not on Craigslist and its not on Ashley Madison, nor is it with my wife. Yes, I enjoy sex, but I miss the romance.

Will You be My Cultural Attache?

I've been asked the question recently of how many women I've slept with since my marriage opened up. One person really wanted to know. Well for starters, it's none of your business but more important I don't have a number. I don't sit there and put a notch on my surfboard after I've had sex. But what I do think about, and how fucking strange is this, is where my partners are from. I like to think in terms of global positioning, and how these women have offered something unique based upon their cultural differences.

For many of you that are reading my blog, you know that I have been catching up on lost time. I, my naive self, got married very young, and had little to no sexual experience. I was a casualty of my own religious paradigm. I saw the world has black and white and my views were very conservative. When I lost my religion, I then saw a whole new world and suddenly the rules were totally fucking different. And so when the old rules didn't apply any longer I started to find a new found freedom in my sexuality and my fantasies that I never ever thought I would enjoy. That freedom is quite possibly the greatest benefit of having an open relationship. Monogamy will never get that, will never grasp it, or comprehend it.

So the first time I got to enjoy my new found freedom was with a beautiful Russian. A gorgeous girl who was also a model. Yea, I got off to a good start, not everyone can or will be so lucky. Then there was a Latina, an African American, a woman from Afghanistan, Israel, Canada, a woman from Kentucky (is that really in America?), a Jewish woman, and finally a Korean woman. I confess that I had to open Google Earth just to double check all the places that I've been, not literally, just figuratively.

Let me be clear that I don't share this list for bragging purposes, but because they each offered me a cultural sexual experience. And now I wonder what part of the earth I'll be visiting next.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why am I Here?

I've been writing on this blog for about three months and I've gotten a lot more out of it then I had anticipated. This got me to thinking about the kinds of posts I do, and what my motivation for doing them is based upon. There are times when I write very personal stuff here, current events in my life. That alone is the main reason that no one, and I mean NO ONE who knows me, knows that I have this. The anonymity of it makes me feel safe. I think it allows me to express some of my deepest darkest fears and fantasies that I otherwise would never tell people, especially my wife or friends. I've read from many in this blogging community that have spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, and lovers, reading, and commenting on posts and I'm glad it works for them, I just know that it wouldn't work for me. It would be self-defeating.

Then there are other times that I write because I want to have a journal for my life, a place to visit my past experiences, and my feelings - emotions. Yes, my great fucks. I forget things easily, I forget how amazing some of the people in my life have been and I don't want to. I need a permanent private place to house these memories. This is the place, and yet I still have some of my best stories left untold. They must be told.

There is also this exhibitionist side of me just starting to come out and play. It's not in my nature, because truthfully I am voyeuristic. I love to watch it all, but I have been enjoying the attention I get when I put myself, my pictures, or my stories out there. People have been really supportive and kind and I have tried to show mutual respect when reading about their experiences. I don't share it and stand there all day waiting for comments, but they're nice, they do make me feel like someone gives a damn, and yet I have to remind myself that I'm not doing it for attention, I don't need the attention, or do I? Maybe I am starved for attention? Is that a bad thing?

Then there's the fantasy element of this blog. That element has taken over quite a bit lately. Some people call it erotica, but I like to verbalize what I imagine doing, what I hope to do someday. I want to live a full life, and experience as much as there is to offer. Will it happen? Maybe, but I'm not gonna sit at home on the couch and wait for these fantasies to fulfill themselves because they simply won't. So yes, writing my "future memories" is another reason I've found for having this outlet and I like it a lot. . . a fucking lot!

Finally, I've made some great friends here (you know who you are) and I feel lucky to know you all, and fortunate to have found people living in similar circumstances as mine. Of course my situation is unique, no ones is exactly alike, but what my friends here have given me is empathy, hope, a few laughs, and inspiration to continue my pursuits and dreams. Its been very beneficial to have you all. I sometimes dream that we could all just live on a compound somewhere on an remote island and just fuck the shit out of each other for days, months, years. Get a nice tan, and fuck somewhere underneath a tropical waterfall. Of course I'll need my surfboard, and yes, you can bring your husbands, but please, if you're fucking him underneath that waterfall, can I watch?

HNT: Tied

Tied up or tied down, I don't care. I just want a part of that. Can I tie you up, restrain you, make you my pet, my fuck toy? Can I take all of the control for just a moment? Would you allow that? I'll give it back to you as soon as I'm ready. Then you can tie me up. Tie me up real tight. Tighter.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009


When I got married about 14 years ago, I could not eat her pussy. I did, because she asked me to, but I certainly didn't enjoy it. Maybe the taste, the smell, my ridiculously inexperienced sexual self - timid, and unlearned. What transformed me? What changed? It could be that as our marriage went along, call it year 3, or 5, two new little birdies in the house, sex was becoming less and less frequent. Maybe I missed pussy more and in missing it, I overcame my obstacles. Maybe?

Maybe I should just quit this post, announcing boldly to the world that I love pussy. Done! But wait, I still have so much to say, dammit I can't just quit you yet little miss vagina.

What do I like in a pussy? Shaved, waxed, slick, wet, trimmed, aromatically pleasing, tight, not so tight, pink, spread wide open, and so much more. I am exploding with ideas now. I can't quit you pussy, your cuntness is the object of affection.

Smell - I can smell you pussy while we are kissing/touching/petting/groping. In most cases you smell divine. In a few cases, you smell similarly wretched. It's that same smell. I know it when I'm not even face to face with you. What is that? Why do you haunt me? I would love to know if its simply that you didn't care enough to wash before I came over. Maybe its something more than that? Maybe you had your "red-tide" kissing the shores recently and you didn't douche, or didn't stick that shower wand all the way up? Whatever. I am at a loss. Let's forget about you and talk about a pleasant smelling pussy. At times you come with no taste at all. I smell nor taste anything. Interesting . . . and at other times you smell delightful and equally taste magnificent. I love to lick you, to follow your folds, to devour you. But your smell always sets the stage.

Taste - When you taste succulent like this, I could stay there with you all day, all night. When you are waxed and there's no sandpaper affect, I will make it my prerogative to cancel all appointments and give you the attention you deserve. Did you know that I always shave my face before we meet because I want you to not feel my sandpaper on your lips. This added feature is a bonus under certain conditions. This includes but is not limited to this particular position: I'm laying completely on my back. You are sitting on my face and just gliding over me, back and forth. It's a completely smooth ride and you are the captain of it. Rock back and forth, up and down, side to side. Make my mouth your bitch. I want you to suffocate me. Yes, I can barely breathe but hearing you breath louder and louder, and moaning with pleasure gives me so much pleasure. I could die like this. In fact, when you are about to cum, bounce it on my face, cover my chin, my mouth, my nose in your juices and don't let me come up for air. I literally want to go out like this. Let it be said that he died giving the best oral ever in mankind's history. Why not? You could say "I killed him with my pussy officer". He'd understand.

But wait, before you cum I want to flip you onto your back and as I continue this smorgasbord of an all night buffet, I want my fingers to get involved. I'm not cocky. Trust me, but my mouth finger combination is deadly. You will cum. As the suit guy says, "I guarantee it!". Please cum in my mouth.

Ask me what gets me off the most in having you right now. It's not having an orgasm. I like those for sure, but its feeling your clit swelling in my mouth, its tasting your boner. It's having my fingers inside of you and my tongue pressed against your clit that will drive you insane. At the moment you cum, you'll grab my hand and face and kick me off of you because its too intense. This happened last week. I was with you after a nice dinner and we started playing in your car. I went down on you and performed this magic trick to which you came in about 30 seconds. I think that's a record. Holy shit, I guess when performed the way you want it, 30 seconds is all it takes. I'm happy to go longer if needed though.

Then there was that time I was using only my fingers on you, on your pink heaven. You started getting close to reaching orgasm while my whole hand is cupping your cunt and quickly vibrating your beautiful body. Out of nowhere, and without previous training I stated to slap your clit. Not hard, just giving it a little love slap. Your orgasm was beautiful, and I was witness to it. I think you came so hard and you were so sweet afterwards as you laid there and cried in my arms. You said you had never cum like that, or ever felt an orgasm that way. You said it overpowered you and left you with nothing but raw unfiltered emotion. I didn't mind that you cried. I only minded it when you got back on the plane and left.

So yes, I love you pussy. I can't count all the ways. I've had 14 years of training to teach me all about you and its just starting to pay off. Some days you look so different and at times you're covered in just that small amount of silky fabric that drives me crazy. I obsess about you, yes I confess. I can't ever have enough of you. If you would please only ask, I'd be happy to oblige you two or three times a day. I could talk about you endlessly. I truly might just be whipped over you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Live Porn

It's a friday night, sometime in 2007, and its perfectly warm in this tropical breezy beach town. I'm hanging out with my buddy Mark drinking some beers and shooting pool. Some mutual friends come in to say hello and we meet some of their friends that they brought along. One of them is this very sexy, dark hair, tanned skin, boob-a-licious woman. She's hot!! A gorgeous body with amazing cleavage and a perfect ass. She's flirty and Mark and I are both eyeing her. She's eyeing both of us too. Both of us. We have a few more drinks and then three of us leave for another spot.

We laugh a lot with her and enjoy her company. Her vibe is sexual. She oozes it. At the next location we're standing in front of the bar area, the music is loud, and the atmosphere is perfect. Yes, it's getting hot in here. She's standing in between both of us and lays a kiss on Mark. As she's kissing him, her hand goes under my shirt, on my chest, gripping it and squeezing me. She stops the kiss, takes a sip, and turns toward me. She kisses me and puts one hand on my abs and her other hand on Mark. Is this happening? Is she bold enough to go for both of us together. I'd never done anything remotely like this with Mark, but before you know it she's whisking both of us away into a cab.

There's giggles and more touching.

We arrive at Marks house and in a flash moment he's taking off her pants and I'm removing her top exposing these beautiful plump breasts. As I suck on her nipple, I look down to see Mark fingering her and playing with her pussy. I also see that she's got my jeans unbuttoned and her hand on my stiff cock. Who is this woman? Fuck! Fuck this a hot moment, and I can tell she's totally getting off on it. I learned later that this was her total fantasy come true, a first time threesome with two boys.

Mark puts a condom on and turns her over. She bends down and sucks me while she's getting cock from the other end. I for one think threesomes whether with MFF or FMM are like watching live action porn, and I do love me some porn. I love me some porn while my cock is being sucked. Who doesn't guys? And ladies, would you be opposed to having your cunt licked while watching porn?