Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Show Me Some Skin

Someone asked me tonight to "shut up and show me some skin."  Ok, here you go young lady.  

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Such Good Photography

Yes... fuck yes!  "You've got me captured. I'm under your spell. No way you can stop me now... as fine as you are".  I found myself singing these lyrics today and then realized that I needed to post this song. One of my favorites from Van Halen.

Van Halen - I'll Wait


You've got me captured
I'm under your spell
I guess I'll never learn
I have your picture
Yes I know it well
Another page is turned

Are you for real?
It's so hard to tell
From just a magazine (blog)
Yeah, you just smile and the picture sells
Look what that does to me

Lyrics continued.....

Have a great weekend everyone!  Wherever you may be and wherever you may be traveling to.  Safe travels.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm Done

I'm officially quiting.  Hanging up the hat, and leaving for good.  I started this blog with the intent of working on my Ashley Madison skills and hoping to procure new ones.  There was also this faint hope of meeting other women who are bloggers and using AM.  Maybe, I thought, I would have a better chance meeting my type of woman who was using that site if she could see more of me, more of my personality than what AM allows for.  You may recall that I was using that site for a long time and had just a few experiences that kept me going back to it.  Most of the time it was a lot of fucking wasted time.

In the meantime, the blog gave so much more than I could have imagined.  You, my blog crushes, and the few men who stay in touch gave me so many ideas and inspired me to pursue what I've always wanted, whatever that want was.  And what I want now has nothing to do with AM anymore.

Ohhh, what... what  did you think I meant?  I'm not qutting blogging I'm quiting AM, for good.

I've emailed Mr. Riff Dog to see if he wants my credits.  He deserves them.  What an amazing writer and flair that man has.   ashleyandme  I thought to myself, if I could write as half as good as him that I might enjoy blogging.  So thanks Riff.

I don't need Ashley Madison anymore.  It's just not my thing .  It hasn't been now for a while.  The last time I met someone from there I had to end it before it even got started really because suddenly I felt like I wasn't being truthful about my current situation.  Yes, I told her I was married, but no, I didn't tell her that divorce papers were filed.  You see, there's an underlying theme to AM and one which I don't want anything more to do with: cheating and lying.  Mind you, I never cheated on my wife, or have cheated on a partner in which I was in a monogamous relationship with.  But, most of the people I was meeting were cheating and that doesn't feel right to me now.  My preference is more for a totally honest/open approach to sex, and to relationships.  

Goodbye AM.  Of course the blog continues.  How could I close down the fountain of inspiration that pours through?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a Bite?

I don't normally eat desserts at all  as they are too sweet and I am cautious of my sugar intake.  Over the past four years I've come to really look upon desserts as something I am not interested in at all.  Seriously, you can bake brownies, or cookies, or cakes and I won't even look at it.  It took a lot of restraint and self control but I trained myself to stay away from sugar.  Until now...

Your cake is the most enticing thing I have seen in a long long time.  The smell has me positively intoxicated from head to toe.  But why? Why can't I have my cake and eat it too?  It looks and sounds so fucking delicious.  I don't know who came up with that saying or why, but it applies now more than any other time.  I want to start with just smelling the cake, slowly inhaling the icing, the flour, the sugar, and the flavors.  It smells fucktacular.  My nose is right up in it, and I can't help but lick it and to sneak a taste.

Yes, you're right, I can't do that because I can't eat it, but eating it is all I desire.  Maybe I can have a bite someday.... maybe one day, sooner than later.