Friday, November 5, 2010

Royal Treatment

It was our first official date and we were playing pool together in this dive bar where the music was perfect and the beer was delicious.  There wasn't a rush with this woman.  I felt relaxed.  'She likes you Dewey, don't go messing it up, just hang out, be cool, and beat her in this game'.  "8 ball, corner pocket," I say as I carefully and strategically hit the ball hard and win the game.  She says, "wow, that was hot", and follows it up with a kiss.  Our date hasn't been more than 30 minutes and SHE'S kissing ME!  Nice. I've got no complaints.

We leave the dive bar and head out to a nicer wine bar where we can listen to some live music.  She's know the band, knows the members, and knows the words to each song.  She also knows how to drag me out of my comfort zone and on to the dance floor.  Sweaty, hot, fun, and so much more.  I'm digging her blonde hair and blue eyes.  She's attractive... very attractive.

We settle down a bit and move ourselves to a secluded area in the back of the bar where we sit together on a love seat and begin kissing each other.  It's light at first, but like a heavy thunderstorm it moves fast and furious.  Only a few spectators can see, but she doesn't care.  She's straddling me now and our tongues are like a fiery whip cracking loudly.  It's hot! Fuck it's hot.  I'd have to say that for our first date things are going pretty well.  My hand is groping her ass and her fingers are locked in my hair.

We stand up and walk around some more.  Trying to catch our breathe and trying to keep some composure.  'Maintain' I say to myself.  'Maintain'.  Somewhere during that internal conversation I'm holding her hand and I walk her toward an empty back-room in the bar.  Lock the door behind us.  Lights are low and I push her up against the wall, wasting no time in forcing a passionate kiss on her. Hands going crazy, feeling her flesh and eating it up.  She turns me around, and pushes me against the wall.  Bending her knees slightly she unbuckles my pants and takes my zipper down. Choking my cock with her hand she stands back up tall to kiss me again.  My cock in her hand and my tongue in her mouth... again, I've got no complaints.

Kneeling on the ground now she takes me in her mouth.  She's sucking me and blowing me and it feels fantastic.  It's fan-fucking-tastic.  She uses her teeth just slightly and I love it.  Squeezing my balls with just the right amount of pressure she drives me insane.  Cock and balls are getting the royal treatment.  ROYAL!

As much as I love much I love this treatment I want to taste her.  It's her turn now.  I unzip and unbuckle her.  Pants on the ground.  I can't wait for this.