Thursday, June 25, 2009


So this weekend didn't turn out to well, but I quickly got over it with the help of a new friend. I met this woman about 4 weeks ago at a coffee shop to discuss our AM prospecting. We did not meet with the intention of hooking up. I was clear that I was working on someone else at the time, Mind Fuck, and she too was also working on someone, or maybe two guys. It's kinda like two people from two companies (HR Dept.) coming together to talk about the hiring process, or the auditioning process. We had a nice hour long visit 4 weeks ago, and then about 2 weeks ago our messaging turned into more than just friendly. This was again, a new experience for me. I finally had met someone local, that I would consider having sexy time with (I promise, no more Borat references after that last one).

What captivated me about this woman? Well, it wasn't her age. She's 10 years older than me. Was it her body? Not exactly. . . but, her eyes. Yes, her eyes said it all. They mesmerized me almost into a trance; sexy eyes, and a beautiful voice, as well as a nice face. Physically, I wouldn't say that she is totally my type, since I prefer women who are equal with me in terms of being "fit", but she had other qualities that really turned me on. She knew, for instance, what to message me at midnight to get me just in the right mood. She is very smart too. Educated woman are a big plus, and add a sense of humor to that and you've got yourself a deal. We've certainly had a good connection for the past 4 weeks prior to meeting.

I met her at her place, and she locked the door behind me. I wasted not a second finding her lips and kissing her. They were nice - pleasant - soft lips. She kissed well. No small talk, no chit chat, just instantly tearing at each other. We had a nice hour together in her home, feeling each each others warm bodies, and caressing all the right spots. I bent her over and pulled her panties down, spreading her nice cunt and massaging her clit. She was so horny, and I don't think it was all because of me. She was rearin to go before I ever showed up with her nice wet pussy. I fingered her and played with all of her pussy. Then I methodically massaged her clit, as she stayed bent over, her rounded breasts laying nicely on the couch. She came in almost two minutes as I continued to massage her clit and tongue her pussy. And then, in what I consider to be quiet time, she laid there for two minutes, just melting into the couch, breathing heavily, body shaking, just soaking in her orgasm. Mission accomplished.

As we lay there, her hands felt for my cock, and then it was my turn. She pulled my underwear off and sucked me beautifully. A near perfect blow job, placing her lips and hands in all the right places, and then the words, which I hadn't expected to hear, "Cum in my mouth, I want to you cum in my mouth", were like a choir of angels singing hallelujah. As she worked my shaft and deepthroated me, I cautioned her that I was close, and with a deep resonance to her voice she moans, "uhh huuuh", and I knew at that moment that I had to let go and just be. Just be!! It was an intense orgasm. It lasted and lasted, and I moaned in a high pitched sound, almost as though it hurt but yet feels so good kinda way. She never stopped to ask me if I was done, she just kept going and going, and this Dewey, this Dewey . . . was a happy man. Happy indeed.

Now I'm not one to usually kiss and tell, or maybe I am, but the next morning I get a message that reads something like this: "I just have to say that I found you to be so ... what's the word I want ... there are a myriad of them, one will not do... delicious, assertive, passionate, mysterious, sweet, and fabulously three-dimensional ;-) I love how you moan... "

Again, I am very fortunate to have such good friends. Life is good.

HNT - Half Nekkid Thursday - Dumbells

While I did pick up some dumbbells for this shot, I would have preferred to have a hot piece of ass in my hands instead, except that would disqualify me from this HNT game that I'm playing, but anyways, many thanks to all the lovely ladies in the audience particpating in this semi-nude porn extravaganza. Your blogs keep me up late at night, usually doing naughty things. Combine your hot bodies with the mind melting posts about your fantasies, your experiences, and your orgasms and I can say that life is pretty fucking good right now.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Where Are Your Boundaries?

I've been busy with life and with my pursuits lately. It hasn't left a lot of time to sit back and write about these adventures but adventures they are, as well as learning lessons. Here's one case in point:

I don't know how to appropriately title this weekend. It perhaps shall remain nameless. How do you describe this incident, this accident, this evening of tragedies? Let me give you some background. I prospected a woman on AM in the beginning part of the week. I liked how coarse her profile was. Her caption was simple, "I need to be taken". I approached her as I do many of my potential prey, with some humor and some wit. I got nothing in return. I tried again 5 days later. I took a completely different approach, and this time, my approach was short and sweet, "You need to be taken, and I am here to take it." Wouldn't you know, I get a response. She likes my attitude. From there, I dove into some explicit sexual talk, raunchy, raw, uninhibited fantasy. This was exactly what she was looking for. We hit it off. Let's call her momma bear. I'd like to call her a major disappointment, but I'll go with the other for now. Momma bear invites me to her place at night, which was an hour and 15 minutes away. So whole day was a fun filled day of messaging sexual foreplay. She asks me to call her names. I called her some of the filthiest things I could think of. Almost insulting, degrading, awful stuff that apparently turned her on. This was a new experience for Dewey. Again, breaking out of the proverbial sexual eggshell. We plan our night, I have some mediocre expectations, but some expectations none the less.

I leave my house for her house, and as I get closer to her location, the texting becomes less interesting, and much cleaner. We talk about what she's gonna wear when she meets me. I'm fully expecting the days worth of dirty talk to go nowhere else other than right to dirt. Well, I should have known that it was all fucking talk. It was good talk. It was talk promising me the fuck of a lifetime, promising me that it would be unforgettable.

Here's where things really went wrong. I get to her place and everything seems ok, her apartment is nice, her kids are evidently asleep. We decide to engage in some huffery puffery and then we start to talk. And as we're talking I realize the situation. Here it goes: she has two kids, the oldest is 4. The kid could, at any moment, could come walking out of his room, and into the living room, where we were contemplating dirty sexual acts. I ask her if that bothers her. Doesn't that seem odd lady? I guess the huffing and puffing started to create some paranoia with this lady and she starts to become less attracted to me. She says to me, I can't figure out whether I like you or not. We were doing fine up until 10 minutes ago, and now I don't know if I like you. Well, I for one, will not engage in sex, knowing that a 4 year old, could come walking right in. Right? I am right? This whole thing was becoming ridiculous. I'm sure that you as the reader may be asking, "well why not go into her bedroom and lock the door"? really? I asked the same thing right off the bat. She's a cheating spouse, and evidently the bedroom is the line she won't cross, she won't take a man in there because it violates the sanctity of that room. Huh? What the fuck? Oh and in addition, the door is broken in that room and you can't close it all the way to lock it anyways.

I wanted to run. I wanted to get the hell out of there. This was all too strange. In all of the fantasy chat and messaging, I never heard the idea that junior could come strolling out looking for a bottle at midnight while mom is upside down with her pussy in my face. Somehow that detail got left out, and the more I discussed it, the more she felt insecure about it all. I know, crazy huh? I left after staying for longer than I should have. Note to self, if things sound too good to be true, then they probably are, and any mom/parent that doesn't have the class to lock out her kids should be walked out on in no less than 5 minutes. Why waste the rest of your night?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

HNT. Hi Everyone, I'm Dewey



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

O is for Orgasmic Meme

Via, Vanilla Impaired, and hat-tip to Hubman
These are geared toward women, but I like these questions so I'm going with it.

1. What’s your favourite way to have an orgasm?

My favorite way is when I can visually see launch and when launch includes a superb landing on some part of her.

2. Do you use a sex toy? Hands? or both?

I haven't used a sex toy for over a year with a partner or on myself. But I think the last time I used a toy for someone else's pleasure, it pretty much ruined me. I was using both hands and feeding dildos into two beautiful blonde women at the same time, while they both were masturbating right in front of me. Does it get better than that? I'll have to post the story of that weekend sometime.

3. Do you have a favourite time of day or night that you like to pleasure yourself or have sex?

Favorite time to pleasure myself is when I'm hungover. I don't know why that is, maybe hormone levels are stronger. Favorite time to have sex, as Hubman says, is anytime.

4. Do you feel you have different types of orgasms?

Yes. Sometimes an orgasm is weak and just almost numb, and other times, it's extended, its obscene, its vial. I prefer the latter more than the former.

5. Do you have a position or a technique that always guarantees an orgasm?

Yes and no, if I'm going to cum, then sometimes its any position, but if its taking a long time, then I like her to get on all fours and I'll pound it until she's practically begging me to stop, which usually brings me to the brink. Blastoff!

6. Is having your clit directly stimulated pleasurable for you? What about after an orgasm?

I love to watch a woman get herself off by rubbing her clit while I'm fucking. Go baby!

7. Do you masturbate/pleasure yourself?

If you're not masturbating at least occasionally, I don't think you'd even be here, reading my blog or anyone else's.

8. Has your self pleasuring repertoire/routine/technique changed or evolved over time?

Yes, the technique has gotten better, and I usually don't take too long to do it. Also the wife has conveniently place towels near the bedside table for me. She's improved her technique too.

9. Are sex toys part of your self pleasuring or with a partner? Or both?

They used to be more, but as of lately I haven't used any.

10. If you enjoy using sex toys how often do you upgrade your equipment?

Not often

11. Whats the most intense orgasm you have ever had?

I can't describe the place, or the time, but more or less how I felt and what it did to me. It's when I can hardly stand to have it. When I'm on the brink and my whole body is so tense, so exhausted, so sweaty, and the explosion is indescribable. My voice, my moan, my cry is super high pitched, it almost hurts, and yet it is the most amazing release.

12. How often do you orgasm? Daily, more than once a day, weekly, monthly….???

7 times a week, sometimes twice a day, sometimes I take 3 or 4 days off. Hormones probably affect that mood.

13. Do you regard orgasm to be a stress reliever?

Well it certainly never caused more stress.

14. What happens to you after orgasm? Full of energy, a bit lala or ready to go to sleep?

It depends on who I am with. Do I want to get out of this place right away :), or do I want to fuck again after the recharge.

15. Have you ever squirted?

I've been with a squirter once and it was just kinda odd.

16. Do you fantasize when you masturbate? Or do you just get right down to it?

It's all about fantasy, sometimes the porn makes it more of a reality.

17. What do you like about having an orgasm? Is it important you have an orgasm every time?

It's animalistic, its raw, its juicy, its me. No, it's not important every time. Sometimes if I'm too wasted, it's just never gonna happen, and I am usually more keen on my partners orgasm than me. That's just the way I was raised.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Next Morning

To say I had a sleepless night in this little hotel room would be correct. I had 10-15 minutes with "Mind Fuck" the night before and it left me more than hot and bothered. Would she come back the next morning, or would she find excuses to be busy? Our few minutes together had been so intense, so passionate that I couldn't imagine her not wanting to come back to me.

There's something to be said about two humans - two strangers that hardly know each other, having never met before or even talked by way of phone that are drawn to each other in a darkened hotel room. We met through AM and having messaged so frequently and connected on such a deep level so fast that the only thing left was to bring all those fantasies and IM chats to fruition. Animalistic, Raw Sweaty, Passionate, Unending, fruition. These are the words I choose now to define those two hours we had together the next morning. It was perfect. It was all A-Game.

I could describe all the positions we successfully accomplished, as if we were performers for a vile circus act, and I could detail those two hours remarkably from memory but for now what I really want to say is that I evolved. I grew up a lot. I grew up sexually and have become transformed by so many of you, my blogging compadres. I never would have thought to take a woman from behind, while standing up and having a ridiculous hard pounding fuck, and saying to her, as my hips are thrusting from behind "you are my whore". "Tell me that you are my whore", followed by her response and fully succumbing to me. We're facing a mirror and looking into each others eyes and I am taking my prey as she repeats back to me that she is emphatically, my whore. FUCK!!! A hat tip to Miss I for those moments, and many more just like it. My blogging friends are a window into the world of seduction, often full of so many do's and don'ts. Ultimately though, these ideas have only worked because my confidence has ballooned. Mind Fuck was the first to let this new man work his magic, and it left both of us stunned, literally with a sober hangover the next morning from the insane physical and mental interaction.

I texted her the next morning and told her"if you ever forget how sexy you are, just look in a mirror and remember when I was looking at you in the mirror yesterday. That's how sexy you are." That went over quite nicely too. It remains to be seen whether I will get to see Mind Fuck any time soon with her tremendously busy work/family schedule, and because she lives quite a bit away from me, but July isn't looking to bad. At least its not April. And I've got some new things in store (maybe a fetish or two) for the next sexcipade that will push my personal boundaries of comfortableness to the next level. Making giant steps here I suppose.

Again, all you writers/bloggers, be it female or male, you my polyamorous friends, I thank you, I appreciate your stories, I read them, I memorize parts of them. Continue to shed the light. Dewey is ever grateful.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nice to Fuck Your Acquaintance

I had my first AM meet-n-greet this last week. To say that it was extraordinary wouldn't even cover it. I'm going to try and find the words to describe my experience and connection I had with "mind-fuck", but it's not going to be easy. This meeting took place in her town, and I had the room reserved. She arrived at my room and said that she only had 10 minutes, but that she would have more time later the next morning. Well, 10 minutes is better than no time at all, even though it doesn't give me the kind of time that I wanted to express myself and have a good hard pounding fuck.

She comes into the room, with a huge smile on her face, a bit mischievous, and sexy. I think she was nervous. Later she told me she almost got cold feet, but apparently she was warm enough to walk her way out of the car into my room. She smiles at me, and we literally lunged toward each other, like raw uninhibited animals, just clawing at each other. I picked her up as our lips and tongues are locked and hold her legs and ass with my hands/arms and pin her to the wall. I'm not normally strong enough to pick a woman up but the adrenaline was pumping and god damn it if I couldn't pick ten of her up at that moment.

She's up against the wall in my arms. We're still clothed, but my cock is rubbing up against her. She looked hot, just gorgeous hot. She's a "better in person than on pictures" person. Maybe because I hadn't seen much in the way of pictures. Her eyes are beaming. They say fuck me now, but I can't. I can't fuck this woman in 10 minutes. Well sure, I could have but it's not how I imagined my first time with her would be. So what does a man do that's only got a few minutes to play? He has insane-intense foreplay. He sucks, he grabs, he pulls, he licks, and he kisses like its the last time he's ever going to see this girl. I throw her on the bed. I pull her pants down unveiling the white laced panties he had promised her he would devour with his mouth. That promise was more like, if you wear those panties, I will lick your pussy while they are still on. I will lick those lips as I push your panties from one side to the other, teasing your clit with my hot breathe. And then when you're not expecting it I will dive my tongue into your pussy and fuck you with my tongue. I proceed. It's hot, she's delicious and wet. I tongue fucked her and then move my way up for her clit. My tongue circling it, and taking its time, my fingers crawling inside her pussy. I can literally feel her clit swelling in my mouth. It's huge. It's hard. She's moaning and grabbing my hair with her hands.

I've been told my specialty is giving a woman an oral orgasm. I have good rhythm when it comes to finger and mouth. They are a team. I lick her clit with tongue and massage the inside of her pussy with my fingers. She's unbuttoning my jeans and clawing for my hard rock cock. She wants to squeeze it while I'm working her. I had no idea what time it was, but it flew by, and she sat up and promised me she would be back the next day. We're both trying to catch our breathe and just stare at each other as if to say, "I would want nothing more than to fuck your acquaintance. I wish we could stay here, on this bed all night."

So do you want to know if she comes backs for more the next morning? I think you know the answer to that. More to come on the next post.