Monday, June 22, 2009

Where Are Your Boundaries?

I've been busy with life and with my pursuits lately. It hasn't left a lot of time to sit back and write about these adventures but adventures they are, as well as learning lessons. Here's one case in point:

I don't know how to appropriately title this weekend. It perhaps shall remain nameless. How do you describe this incident, this accident, this evening of tragedies? Let me give you some background. I prospected a woman on AM in the beginning part of the week. I liked how coarse her profile was. Her caption was simple, "I need to be taken". I approached her as I do many of my potential prey, with some humor and some wit. I got nothing in return. I tried again 5 days later. I took a completely different approach, and this time, my approach was short and sweet, "You need to be taken, and I am here to take it." Wouldn't you know, I get a response. She likes my attitude. From there, I dove into some explicit sexual talk, raunchy, raw, uninhibited fantasy. This was exactly what she was looking for. We hit it off. Let's call her momma bear. I'd like to call her a major disappointment, but I'll go with the other for now. Momma bear invites me to her place at night, which was an hour and 15 minutes away. So whole day was a fun filled day of messaging sexual foreplay. She asks me to call her names. I called her some of the filthiest things I could think of. Almost insulting, degrading, awful stuff that apparently turned her on. This was a new experience for Dewey. Again, breaking out of the proverbial sexual eggshell. We plan our night, I have some mediocre expectations, but some expectations none the less.

I leave my house for her house, and as I get closer to her location, the texting becomes less interesting, and much cleaner. We talk about what she's gonna wear when she meets me. I'm fully expecting the days worth of dirty talk to go nowhere else other than right to dirt. Well, I should have known that it was all fucking talk. It was good talk. It was talk promising me the fuck of a lifetime, promising me that it would be unforgettable.

Here's where things really went wrong. I get to her place and everything seems ok, her apartment is nice, her kids are evidently asleep. We decide to engage in some huffery puffery and then we start to talk. And as we're talking I realize the situation. Here it goes: she has two kids, the oldest is 4. The kid could, at any moment, could come walking out of his room, and into the living room, where we were contemplating dirty sexual acts. I ask her if that bothers her. Doesn't that seem odd lady? I guess the huffing and puffing started to create some paranoia with this lady and she starts to become less attracted to me. She says to me, I can't figure out whether I like you or not. We were doing fine up until 10 minutes ago, and now I don't know if I like you. Well, I for one, will not engage in sex, knowing that a 4 year old, could come walking right in. Right? I am right? This whole thing was becoming ridiculous. I'm sure that you as the reader may be asking, "well why not go into her bedroom and lock the door"? really? I asked the same thing right off the bat. She's a cheating spouse, and evidently the bedroom is the line she won't cross, she won't take a man in there because it violates the sanctity of that room. Huh? What the fuck? Oh and in addition, the door is broken in that room and you can't close it all the way to lock it anyways.

I wanted to run. I wanted to get the hell out of there. This was all too strange. In all of the fantasy chat and messaging, I never heard the idea that junior could come strolling out looking for a bottle at midnight while mom is upside down with her pussy in my face. Somehow that detail got left out, and the more I discussed it, the more she felt insecure about it all. I know, crazy huh? I left after staying for longer than I should have. Note to self, if things sound too good to be true, then they probably are, and any mom/parent that doesn't have the class to lock out her kids should be walked out on in no less than 5 minutes. Why waste the rest of your night?


Sexy PTA Mom said...

Oh, holy crap! That would so not be okay with me. You are smart to get out fast. That doesn't sound like a woman with any good sense. I do know that phone/texting sex can get pretty hot and heavy, but I do want to have a pretty good relationship established before I let anyone talk to me that way. So far, only my husband can talk to me in somewhat of a sexually degrading manner when we are living out some fantasies, but that is because I know he respects me as a wife, mother & woman. Maybe she got scared, because she had gone too far with you on the phone and didn't know how far you would take it in real life. I would not consider cheating with someone in their house with their kids asleep, not even in their bedroom. Just icky.

Hubman said...

Veronica and I once swapped with another couple, in our living room. While our kids, ages 8 and 3, were asleep in their rooms down the hall. Bad judgment on our part, won't do that again. And good for you, once you realized little ones were around, to not want to fuck her in the living room.

She sounds like a novice cheater who got cold feet. Best to caulk it up to a learning experience and move on

Ms Undecided said...

LOL...omg. What a nightmare! Why would she even think that was OK!?

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Too funny. Sorry you had to waste your time, but one does on occasion. They can't all be gems (they aren't) or it wouldn't be worth the try.