Thursday, June 25, 2009


So this weekend didn't turn out to well, but I quickly got over it with the help of a new friend. I met this woman about 4 weeks ago at a coffee shop to discuss our AM prospecting. We did not meet with the intention of hooking up. I was clear that I was working on someone else at the time, Mind Fuck, and she too was also working on someone, or maybe two guys. It's kinda like two people from two companies (HR Dept.) coming together to talk about the hiring process, or the auditioning process. We had a nice hour long visit 4 weeks ago, and then about 2 weeks ago our messaging turned into more than just friendly. This was again, a new experience for me. I finally had met someone local, that I would consider having sexy time with (I promise, no more Borat references after that last one).

What captivated me about this woman? Well, it wasn't her age. She's 10 years older than me. Was it her body? Not exactly. . . but, her eyes. Yes, her eyes said it all. They mesmerized me almost into a trance; sexy eyes, and a beautiful voice, as well as a nice face. Physically, I wouldn't say that she is totally my type, since I prefer women who are equal with me in terms of being "fit", but she had other qualities that really turned me on. She knew, for instance, what to message me at midnight to get me just in the right mood. She is very smart too. Educated woman are a big plus, and add a sense of humor to that and you've got yourself a deal. We've certainly had a good connection for the past 4 weeks prior to meeting.

I met her at her place, and she locked the door behind me. I wasted not a second finding her lips and kissing her. They were nice - pleasant - soft lips. She kissed well. No small talk, no chit chat, just instantly tearing at each other. We had a nice hour together in her home, feeling each each others warm bodies, and caressing all the right spots. I bent her over and pulled her panties down, spreading her nice cunt and massaging her clit. She was so horny, and I don't think it was all because of me. She was rearin to go before I ever showed up with her nice wet pussy. I fingered her and played with all of her pussy. Then I methodically massaged her clit, as she stayed bent over, her rounded breasts laying nicely on the couch. She came in almost two minutes as I continued to massage her clit and tongue her pussy. And then, in what I consider to be quiet time, she laid there for two minutes, just melting into the couch, breathing heavily, body shaking, just soaking in her orgasm. Mission accomplished.

As we lay there, her hands felt for my cock, and then it was my turn. She pulled my underwear off and sucked me beautifully. A near perfect blow job, placing her lips and hands in all the right places, and then the words, which I hadn't expected to hear, "Cum in my mouth, I want to you cum in my mouth", were like a choir of angels singing hallelujah. As she worked my shaft and deepthroated me, I cautioned her that I was close, and with a deep resonance to her voice she moans, "uhh huuuh", and I knew at that moment that I had to let go and just be. Just be!! It was an intense orgasm. It lasted and lasted, and I moaned in a high pitched sound, almost as though it hurt but yet feels so good kinda way. She never stopped to ask me if I was done, she just kept going and going, and this Dewey, this Dewey . . . was a happy man. Happy indeed.

Now I'm not one to usually kiss and tell, or maybe I am, but the next morning I get a message that reads something like this: "I just have to say that I found you to be so ... what's the word I want ... there are a myriad of them, one will not do... delicious, assertive, passionate, mysterious, sweet, and fabulously three-dimensional ;-) I love how you moan... "

Again, I am very fortunate to have such good friends. Life is good.


Library Vixen said...

so yummy sweet as honey dew from the dewey.

Hubman said...

Life certainly is good with friends like that! Good for you!

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Oh, so lovely! It is really wonderful to have the right man come in your mouth. Mmmmmm. Beautifully written too, Dewey.