Wednesday, June 17, 2009

O is for Orgasmic Meme

Via, Vanilla Impaired, and hat-tip to Hubman
These are geared toward women, but I like these questions so I'm going with it.

1. What’s your favourite way to have an orgasm?

My favorite way is when I can visually see launch and when launch includes a superb landing on some part of her.

2. Do you use a sex toy? Hands? or both?

I haven't used a sex toy for over a year with a partner or on myself. But I think the last time I used a toy for someone else's pleasure, it pretty much ruined me. I was using both hands and feeding dildos into two beautiful blonde women at the same time, while they both were masturbating right in front of me. Does it get better than that? I'll have to post the story of that weekend sometime.

3. Do you have a favourite time of day or night that you like to pleasure yourself or have sex?

Favorite time to pleasure myself is when I'm hungover. I don't know why that is, maybe hormone levels are stronger. Favorite time to have sex, as Hubman says, is anytime.

4. Do you feel you have different types of orgasms?

Yes. Sometimes an orgasm is weak and just almost numb, and other times, it's extended, its obscene, its vial. I prefer the latter more than the former.

5. Do you have a position or a technique that always guarantees an orgasm?

Yes and no, if I'm going to cum, then sometimes its any position, but if its taking a long time, then I like her to get on all fours and I'll pound it until she's practically begging me to stop, which usually brings me to the brink. Blastoff!

6. Is having your clit directly stimulated pleasurable for you? What about after an orgasm?

I love to watch a woman get herself off by rubbing her clit while I'm fucking. Go baby!

7. Do you masturbate/pleasure yourself?

If you're not masturbating at least occasionally, I don't think you'd even be here, reading my blog or anyone else's.

8. Has your self pleasuring repertoire/routine/technique changed or evolved over time?

Yes, the technique has gotten better, and I usually don't take too long to do it. Also the wife has conveniently place towels near the bedside table for me. She's improved her technique too.

9. Are sex toys part of your self pleasuring or with a partner? Or both?

They used to be more, but as of lately I haven't used any.

10. If you enjoy using sex toys how often do you upgrade your equipment?

Not often

11. Whats the most intense orgasm you have ever had?

I can't describe the place, or the time, but more or less how I felt and what it did to me. It's when I can hardly stand to have it. When I'm on the brink and my whole body is so tense, so exhausted, so sweaty, and the explosion is indescribable. My voice, my moan, my cry is super high pitched, it almost hurts, and yet it is the most amazing release.

12. How often do you orgasm? Daily, more than once a day, weekly, monthly….???

7 times a week, sometimes twice a day, sometimes I take 3 or 4 days off. Hormones probably affect that mood.

13. Do you regard orgasm to be a stress reliever?

Well it certainly never caused more stress.

14. What happens to you after orgasm? Full of energy, a bit lala or ready to go to sleep?

It depends on who I am with. Do I want to get out of this place right away :), or do I want to fuck again after the recharge.

15. Have you ever squirted?

I've been with a squirter once and it was just kinda odd.

16. Do you fantasize when you masturbate? Or do you just get right down to it?

It's all about fantasy, sometimes the porn makes it more of a reality.

17. What do you like about having an orgasm? Is it important you have an orgasm every time?

It's animalistic, its raw, its juicy, its me. No, it's not important every time. Sometimes if I'm too wasted, it's just never gonna happen, and I am usually more keen on my partners orgasm than me. That's just the way I was raised.



Hubman said...

Thanks for the tip of the hat...

And number 2, yeah, you GOTTA tell that story!

vanimp said...

Yes please number 2 sounds like it will be an interesting journey! Thank you for joining in, it's great to see the guys having a go at this even if a couple of the questions are geared towards women you guys are making me grin. xx

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Fun reading here, and I definitely want the story of number 2! You big tease!

Sexy PTA Mom said...

P.S. I had to steal this. Thanks!

Library Vixen said...

grrr nice answers. yummy.

Dewey's System said...

Yes, my friends, I will blog about #2 soon. I have other stories to tell first, and other stories to live out. I'll get to it, but because it was right up there in the "top weekends" of my life I have to take my time with that. Otherwise I won't have anything much left to delight you with. ;)

John Sees said...

Animalistic orgasms, sounds good to me

Anonymous said...

Dewey said: "If you're not masturbating at least occasionally, I don't think you'd even be here, reading my blog or anyone else's."

It's 6:00 a.m. and I just read this line and it made me laugh right out loud.