Friday, August 28, 2009

Change is the Only Constant

Yesterday I get a phone call from wifey and Dewey knew in an instant, in that first breath, that there was trouble. Maybe it was the sobbing on her end, the barely able to speak gut wrenching sadness kind of cry. I knew right away that she finally did it, she broke up with her boyfriend. They'd been together for almost 4 months and as I've said before I was so happy for her to have found this guy, and happy for her to fall in love with him. They were a "hot" couple and their energy was so positive.

But alas, their relationship was unhealthy, and she did the brave, courageous thing by walking out on him and leaving him. It took guts, and I commended her, and later I hugged her and offered whatever help I could. But mostly I just listened to her and let her try and sort through her actions, her stance, and her disapproval of his behavior. He has some deep seeded jealousy, possessiveness, and abandonment issues, and whenever he smoked weed, or drank excessively these skeletons leaped out the closet. She decided that enough was enough and that she wouldn't put up with his shit. I commend you wifey, and yes, I do think that if he cared enough about you, about your relationship, that he would put aside some of his habits, and do what it takes to make himself healthier as a human being. (FYI - she doesn't know I blog. No one knows, except you my dear readers/fans/fantasy fucks).

If you find yourself in an open marriage and your spouse gets really attached to someone and then they break-up, you may find yourself in a position where you offer the kind of support, or love, or empathy that you wouldn't have ever thought possible. There's no way in hell that I could have ever thought this scenario possible just 5 years ago, or 10, or 15. Who can predict such interesting dynamics? I discussed this topic with Sexy Sadie and found that she too had experience with it. We agreed that having a spouse there for you, when things do go bad, or when the relationship does end, can be a huge support to that person who's struggling and who may be hurting. I just didn't envision being that kind of person. Wifey thanked me over and over again for my kindness and support and my response was that I knew that she would do the same for me if I was feeling the way she was. I knew she would be there for me, so I chose to be there for her, yesterday, and now.

The last four months Dewey has been supportive and generous in giving wifey plenty of time to explore her relationship and to be with her boyfriend. She was gone maybe two nights out of the week while I was at home being the sole parent. Now however things have changed and the wheels are about to turn in a 180 degree turn.

I met someone recently!!

Yes I fucking did. I met someone right here in my town, and to top it off, the first time that she and I spent good quality time together was at a party where both my wife and her (ex)boyfriend were there. That has been somewhat of a hurdle you know: "Yes, young lady, I would like to date you, and yes, I do have kids, and btw I am married and still live in the same house with my wife". Not too many women find that scenario very attractive, no matter how good looking I may be. But no, not this time, and not with this woman. She knows about the situation and she still wants a piece of me. I'll call her TallChick since she's about 5'10". Oh, she's slim, nice curves, fantastic tits, a nice ass, and she's funny, witty, precocious, adventurous, flirty - all traits I find attractive in a woman. Did I tell you that she has a job too? Ha! Seems like these days thats got to be an attractive quality.

I am ready! I am so ready for a normal, ok, somewhat normal, relationship with a woman where we can do normal couple things, have dates, travel, snuggle, and do all manner of wickedness together. Yes, I've been looking for someone that can I can fuck on a consistent basis and have her close to me. Close emotionally and physically. I've got so much to give, to offer and I'm ready to both give and receive. It was Southern Girl that wrote recently that she was starved for both physical and emotional connection, and I can identify with that. Not having to drive an hour and 1/2 to meet someone just to fuck, who's cheating on their husband has been a hit and miss letdown. Fucking is nice, but fucking someone you care about, whom you have a connection with is more my style.

Last weekend TallChick and I had the privilege of driving around town for 30 minutes and finding every damn hotel room full. Every place said no vacancy. Surely this is how Joseph must have felt when he was carting Mary around and there was "No room in the Inn", except that she's no Virgin Mary, and we were not about to have a baby, thank god!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get a Grip Dewey

I'm going to depart for a moment today from my usual recklessness and lustful attitude and admit that I need to work on something. I want to work on something, and yet I don't want to quit it altogether because when done properly (if there is such a place/time) can be fun.

I have been drinking too much lately.

There, I said it. I need to take a look at why and cut back from it. I don't want to quit because the occasional social drink is really nice, but its the getting hammered at home, where my kids can see me that has me more worried. It's when I go too far and send a text to a friend late at night only to have her so pissed and angry at me that she wants me to get out of her life for good. Yes, that happened and it was a bummer. It's bumming me out today. The loss of a friend because of a random late drunk text is really sad to me. Sad enough to drive me here and confess that I need to take this seriously and get a grip.

Why do I do it? Why isn't it that one or two isn't enough for me? Why do I drink like 4 or 5 beers every night? I don't think its totally out of control for me (I think all alcoholics probably say that), but I could see a train wreck up ahead if I don't make changes now, today, cut back, and replace this bad habit with a more productive one.

For the reasons that I need to examine in my psyche this started about 6 months ago. Coincidentally, about 6 months ago, while I was an occasional drinker, and I was in fabulous physical shape. You could say I had peaked for what I wanted in terms of health and a good body. It's also the time I realized that while I wanted out of my marriage, I was going to stay in the same home with my wife and raise the kids with her. So, I have some things to work through and I'm telling you all here because I can, and because I want to remind myself every day that I have so much to be grateful for and that life is quite good right now. Life is very good, and there's no reason to fuck it up with an out of control drinking problem.

Ironically I didn't have the nerve to start this blog until one afternoon in May when I had drunk a couple beers. Now I'm writing this post in Aug and I'm telling myself, reminding myself, pleading with myself, to get a handle on it and nip it in the bud, now before I hurt anyone else including myself any further.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HNT: Cock Block

I'm not fond of those cock blockers. If she wants its, well then get out of the way Mr./Mrs. Block


Friday, August 14, 2009

HBI - Hot Blogger Island

I have a vivid imagination, and as it turns out so do many of the lovely blogger ladies out there too. Why not? I mean, this is the place that many of us fantasize, flirt, and lust. Many of you, my hot blogstresses, are consummate flirts here and say things you wouldn't otherwise say or verbalize in the real world. Yes, the virtual world has its advantages and I must say that I enjoy the fruits of your anonymity. And by fruits I mean, the naughty shit you tell me. Yep, give it to me. As Madonna so rightfully sang recently:

Got no boundaries and no limits
If there's excitement, put me in it
If it's against the law, arrest me
If you can handle it, undress me

Don't stop me now, don't need to catch my breath
I can go on and on and on
When the lights go down and there's no one left
I can go on and on and on

Give it to me, yeah
No one's gonna show me how
Give it to me, yeah
No one's gonna stop me now

I digressed a bit, but fuck, Madonna, how do you do it after all these years?

Anyways, let me get to the point of this post. I call it Hot Blogger Island HBI. I propose a safe place to take virtual into reality. Yep, its another fantasy, but it involves all of you out there who make me so fucking happy, and who have fulfilled my life in a new way that I didn't think possible.

HBI exists somewhere in my imagination between American health standards, Caribbean tranquility, and Vietnamese tropical exoticism. There's a warm tropical breeze all day and night, just enough to cool the sweat from the hot sun. Yes, the weather is amazing . . . perfect. It's hot, but we have showers placed within every 20 sq feet of the island so you can cool off, clean up, get the sand off, and be ready for your next adventure.

There's plenty of activities to do on this island but before we talk about them I have to focus on the main purpose of HBI. HBI is where we can live our fantasies. It's a safe place to indulge your sexual appetites, to send those neurons firing toward the hypothalamus. Whatever your fantasies are, come to the island, and live it. Have it. Maybe it involves seduction, or a romantic hike through a rain forest that ends at a "screensaver" type waterfall. Yep, the water is warm in these parts, I think its about 80 degrees. Get undressed and swim naked. Not half-nekkid, but completely let yourself go. This is the place for that. You are beautiful here, and never question yourself or doubt your looks. Your confidence here is unlike it has ever been anywhere else. You are truly beautiful.

HBI is a place for fucking. It smells like ocean, sand, and fuck. The smell of hot sex permeates the grounds. This island is designated an 'All Fuck Zone'. Even the monkeys and rabbits are jealous. But that's the only case where jealousy is accepted or tolerated. Bring your husbands ladies, or your boyfriends, or your Jude Laws, George Clooney's, but leave the ones at home that get jealous or possessive. Or just come by yourself, because that works for me too. This is a place where sex is exchanged around the clock and everyone, everyone in my community is happily actively sharing. Share yourself, your body, your gorgeous parts, those eyes, that luscious ass, those perfect arms, and that ever so willing cunt with me. Give it to me. You will be so happy that you came here. I will take care of you. No need will go unmet. Do you need your clit licked while I plunge a vibrator toy into you? Do you need this for 2.5 hours? I'm happy to oblige.

Fucking for 24-7-365 is not literally possible from the last time I checked Guinness Book of World Records, so we have other activities to do while we recharge those triple X batteries. There's hot stone massage, Swedish, aromatherapy, and Shiatsu. We have sports of all sorts, including volleyball, tennis, snorkeling, scuba, and surfing. We even have a nice gym with whatever class is currently tickling your fancy here at home. There exists the finest foods and chefs on this island. Every aspect of human hedonism is embraced. We eat, drink, sleep, and fuck, all of that in reverse order. There will be occasions to get very dressed up so bring your best dresses and hottest shoes. I happen to like the Jimmy Choo line myself. There will be dancing and loud music as well. Yes, I can cut it up on the dance floor. Can you?

Ladies, I know what you're thinking, you're thinking this sounds perfect, that being on this island with Dewey sounds wonderful, but what about . . . what about . . . shopping? 'I still need to shop'. I've got that covered too. There's a bridge, about 30 minutes long that takes you back into the malls, the Macy's, the Nordies, the Bloomingdale's, but, sorry Wal-Mart isn't one of them. You can even meet up with your unwilling, inhibited girlfriends for some social time, since you all seem to need that, but please don't be gone for too long. I'm already missing those nice breasts, the great conversation, and that smile of yours with those very round cheeks that melts me. Honey, you know who you are, so get back here to my hut ASAP.

This is the tricky part here. Who's invited? I would like to open the invitation to everyone that has flirted with me, complimented me, commented on me, texted me, or connected with me on some level. I adore you ladies, and yes, some of you I hope to remain friends with forever. If we just recently met on-line, chances are I don't have a hut with your name on it, but never fear, we can always build a bigger island. And yes, I do have room for a couple of men, but sorry guys you'll have to sleep out in the life boats because we're running out of room. Yes Riff Dog, I'm talking to you.

Here's a napkin drawing of the island, with some of the amenities. You'll need to click on it to see the details. Please feel free to add input as you deem necessary. This is a work in progress. By the time its ready to go to the planning commission I hope that everyone has participated in its evolution. It's my "happy place". Oh, did I tell you that I have a big imagination?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HNT: Rip Em Off

Click on me!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

20 Year Wait

Two versions - Short and a Long for those who give a shit about the 'fucking' details.

Short Version:
I met a woman whom I've had a crush on for 20 years. She was the high school beauty queen. The first time I ever saw her I imagined fucking this woman because that's what I do. Maybe The Secret does work? It just took a long time, but she rewarded me in such a way that I couldn't have even comprehended how fucking amazing a night with her would be like as a horny teenager.

Long Version:
Are some things worth waiting 20 years for? I say yes, and this past weekend was a confirmation of that. Dewey is a very very happy camper. Happy isn't even the right adjective. I've been describing recently some of the things that I wanted, and missed. If you're a regular follower then you know that I'm talking about missing some romance, passion, and seduction. You've known that I wanted to be with a woman where I could have all the time that I wanted, where I could leave my mark(s), and not worry about getting her into trouble. And finally I've missed having a hard pounding fuck for some time. It's just been a while. Thank geebus for Saturday night and loosely organized re-unions.

I spotted her in the crowd and immediately walked up to her. It was the first time we had officially met although we've been friends on FB for about 4 months (yes, I stalked her). This was someone I wanted to meet, to know, to fuck, from the moment I saw her in high school 20 years ago. We never talked back then, I just lusted her from a distance. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. She was quite literally the hottest girl in my school. Her eyes were magical, almost unreal. They have this reptilian quality about them and I found myself trying hard not to stare at them out of sheer enjoyment for their mesmerizing qualities. So yes, awestruck by her feminine power nearly 20 years ago, and remembering vividly one afternoon of working out in the gym, where she I and were the only two people doing stairs and thinking how badly I wanted to fuck her. That was the start of a 20 year crush.

I walk up to her, we hug, we laugh, we drink, we dance, we talk, we eat, and we have a great night together. We moved to another location where we repeated all the above over again, and yet this time there was more flirting, there was touching, and hand holding. Yes, I was tripping over the fact that I was standing there with her holding hands while the bars were closing and the moon light was just right. She's sitting on the outside elevated patio where we start to kiss and just take each others mouths in. Oh, how she tasted. I couldn't close my eyes because I loved her face. You know that feeling when someone is so attractive and you can't take your eyes off of them and you can't stop asking yourself 'Is this really happening? Did I just win some high school lotto?'

We go back to my office, where I slowly undress her and kiss every inch of this goddess. It's a perfect mood light inside and my mood is grateful and horny. I'm keen on good lighting. Not too much, yet not too little, and the way the light shined off of her stomach, the way it left just the right shadows on her face was driving me crazy. She's standing with her back against the wall, and I'm on my knees moving her panties aside with my fingers and kissing her loveliness. I've got them all the way off now and my tongue is inside of her. It's a perfect taste.

The temperature is just right, the music is playing, and she undresses me. Yes, it's my office. Yes, its private, its where I am typing this post from as we speak, and where I can still picture her body laid out on my desk, legs spread apart, inviting me to indulge myself in a 20 year fantasy. My desk then becomes the abused. Shit is flying everywhere, calculators, speakers, remote controls, papers, files, and finally the monitor, all of just flying off as I do my Dewey thing, my duty. It's loud, its, sweaty, its skin, its pounding, its fucktacular. I stop to take my breathe, to lick her perfect pussy and to relish in this moment. Yes, its a great moment in fuck history and I'm glad I was there, but more importantly I am glad for every moment that led up to this. It was a night of seduction, of eyes connecting, of constant laughter and that rare human bond. Yes, I felt so very alive, so very happy.

I had all the time I wanted with her. There was no curfew, and no husband anywhere to speak of. I left a few slight marks on her, and I prayed that she would be alright with that. She didn't complain. We left after a while, holding hands, not talking about anything, but just enjoying the silence. She's gone now, left back to the state where she lives. I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder if I'll ever see her again. For now, I'm just going to lean over and enjoy her beautiful scent she left on my desk and hope the cleaning crew doesn't touch it for a little while.

It still smells like a 20 year wait should . . . perfect.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Call on Me

I had a mind blowing Saturday night, and I'm still repeating it all in my head -the way she looked, the way she smelled, her hair, her skin, her smile. We danced, drank, and partied all night long and into the morning. She even laughed at all of my jokes. It was a 20 year fantasy fulfilled. Yes, some are worth waiting for.

When I'm ready to discuss the details I'll post it, but in the meantime, this video reminds me that I need to get back into the gym.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Threesome Funsome and Thensome

I recently wrote about a random hot threesome that I had nearly two years ago and some of the comments got me to thinking about group dynamics and multiple person sex. For starters, it's not as easy as it looks on porn. It takes communication, and a group effort to make sure all parties are invested in everyones happiness-fulfillment. If someone in that group is only set on receiving and not in giving then it could be a disaster. If only one person in the group is receiving all the attention, and say, two or three others are being ignored, then again, it might not go over so well. These are things that can and should be negotiated before one jumps in the collective group sack.

I've had a few experiences with the group dynamic and I consider them mostly to be successful. They were fun. Some of them I plan to write about in detail later, because they are some of my fondest memories. But occasionally things don't always go as planned. There was one time when we met a couple and took them back to our hotel room. We discussed rules and had ourselves a dandy time. I was still so young in it all, but I remember when it came time for the boys to have both of the women to themselves, I, because I am a fucking nice guy, volunteered to have the other guy go first. To let him have play-fuck-time with both women. When his time was, up, and believe me, he had more than enough ample time IMO, I told him to get up and give me time. He refused to at first. Just the hint of tension started to erode that moment. And really, I gave him like 30 minutes, which seemed like an eternity considering I had been fantasizing of having two women with me at the same time for a long ass time. Eventually he conceded and it was worth the wait.

Another time I was having a FMM and this guy was a total stranger to me, but best friends with the girl. He was an interesting dude. As we were both playing with this woman, he starts talking to me, encouraging me, cheering me on, like a coach, like a mother fucking motivational speaker. He's saying, "Dewey, go harder, go faster, fuck her faster, and deeper". And I'm thinking, 'dude, I am going hard, I can't go any deeper, I am fucking as best as I possibly can.' When I got up and went to shower after that episode, I sat in the tub and started thinking about what just transpired. They were still in the bedroom, and as I reviewed all the things he was telling me while I had been playing with the girl, I thought the whole thing was funny as hell. I mean, I appreciated his enthusiasm, but, I wasn't prepared for his motivational dirty talk as I was going at it. It was a hysterical moment in that bathtub. She still to this day talks about how funny it was just to hear me laughing my ass off non-stop.

And finally, the last time I had a MMF threesome my wife totally surprised me. She met me at a cheap, and I mean dirt cheap hotel, where she sat me down and tied my hands behind my back. Yes, it was meant to be a dirty experience. She had this other guy in the room and the two of them proceeded to fuck like crazy. I was thinking to myself that he was pulling moves that I had never seen in porn. The dude was delivering a hard pounding fuck and I was appreciating the lesson. Eventually she unzipped me, after I couldn't take it anymore, and sucked my cock, as I was sitting there watching him fuck her from behind. Great moments in fuck history and worth mentioning here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HNT: Post Shower

There's something so incredibly fresh about having some fun after taking a shower. What is it exactly? The way you smell? Is it your wet hair, or is it because you're soooo . . . . naked? I like naked. I like HNT's.

For more of the fun check out the others participating at Osbasso's site.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Romancing the Dewey

I miss something. I miss romance. It can take so many forms. The last time I tasted it was New Years Eve 2008. I went to a party and I knew that my girlfriend at the time would be there, and that I had to find her in this fucking huge mansion. Walking through the maze of halls and stairs, I finally found Miss Korea. South Korea to be exact. She was such an interesting woman - the artistic kind with head shaved, a beautiful smile, and a nice body. She was great in bed, but outside of the bedroom I found that it was difficult to connect with her.

I see her in a hallway, dressed in a beautiful red dress, but she looked at me almost like she was pissed about something, and as I approached her she pulls me into her and lays an enormous kiss on me. She was sincerely seducing me at that moment. It was a great beginning to a very romantic, elegant night. Perhaps the last time I felt very sincere romance. We danced, partied with friends, drank some alcohol, and kissed all night long. We ended the night in her bedroom and I felt like it really was a romantic moment. I enjoy that, the getting dressed up, the seduction, the sincere passion. Why is that so hard to find now? It's not on Craigslist and its not on Ashley Madison, nor is it with my wife. Yes, I enjoy sex, but I miss the romance.

Will You be My Cultural Attache?

I've been asked the question recently of how many women I've slept with since my marriage opened up. One person really wanted to know. Well for starters, it's none of your business but more important I don't have a number. I don't sit there and put a notch on my surfboard after I've had sex. But what I do think about, and how fucking strange is this, is where my partners are from. I like to think in terms of global positioning, and how these women have offered something unique based upon their cultural differences.

For many of you that are reading my blog, you know that I have been catching up on lost time. I, my naive self, got married very young, and had little to no sexual experience. I was a casualty of my own religious paradigm. I saw the world has black and white and my views were very conservative. When I lost my religion, I then saw a whole new world and suddenly the rules were totally fucking different. And so when the old rules didn't apply any longer I started to find a new found freedom in my sexuality and my fantasies that I never ever thought I would enjoy. That freedom is quite possibly the greatest benefit of having an open relationship. Monogamy will never get that, will never grasp it, or comprehend it.

So the first time I got to enjoy my new found freedom was with a beautiful Russian. A gorgeous girl who was also a model. Yea, I got off to a good start, not everyone can or will be so lucky. Then there was a Latina, an African American, a woman from Afghanistan, Israel, Canada, a woman from Kentucky (is that really in America?), a Jewish woman, and finally a Korean woman. I confess that I had to open Google Earth just to double check all the places that I've been, not literally, just figuratively.

Let me be clear that I don't share this list for bragging purposes, but because they each offered me a cultural sexual experience. And now I wonder what part of the earth I'll be visiting next.