Tuesday, August 11, 2009

20 Year Wait

Two versions - Short and a Long for those who give a shit about the 'fucking' details.

Short Version:
I met a woman whom I've had a crush on for 20 years. She was the high school beauty queen. The first time I ever saw her I imagined fucking this woman because that's what I do. Maybe The Secret does work? It just took a long time, but she rewarded me in such a way that I couldn't have even comprehended how fucking amazing a night with her would be like as a horny teenager.

Long Version:
Are some things worth waiting 20 years for? I say yes, and this past weekend was a confirmation of that. Dewey is a very very happy camper. Happy isn't even the right adjective. I've been describing recently some of the things that I wanted, and missed. If you're a regular follower then you know that I'm talking about missing some romance, passion, and seduction. You've known that I wanted to be with a woman where I could have all the time that I wanted, where I could leave my mark(s), and not worry about getting her into trouble. And finally I've missed having a hard pounding fuck for some time. It's just been a while. Thank geebus for Saturday night and loosely organized re-unions.

I spotted her in the crowd and immediately walked up to her. It was the first time we had officially met although we've been friends on FB for about 4 months (yes, I stalked her). This was someone I wanted to meet, to know, to fuck, from the moment I saw her in high school 20 years ago. We never talked back then, I just lusted her from a distance. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. She was quite literally the hottest girl in my school. Her eyes were magical, almost unreal. They have this reptilian quality about them and I found myself trying hard not to stare at them out of sheer enjoyment for their mesmerizing qualities. So yes, awestruck by her feminine power nearly 20 years ago, and remembering vividly one afternoon of working out in the gym, where she I and were the only two people doing stairs and thinking how badly I wanted to fuck her. That was the start of a 20 year crush.

I walk up to her, we hug, we laugh, we drink, we dance, we talk, we eat, and we have a great night together. We moved to another location where we repeated all the above over again, and yet this time there was more flirting, there was touching, and hand holding. Yes, I was tripping over the fact that I was standing there with her holding hands while the bars were closing and the moon light was just right. She's sitting on the outside elevated patio where we start to kiss and just take each others mouths in. Oh, how she tasted. I couldn't close my eyes because I loved her face. You know that feeling when someone is so attractive and you can't take your eyes off of them and you can't stop asking yourself 'Is this really happening? Did I just win some high school lotto?'

We go back to my office, where I slowly undress her and kiss every inch of this goddess. It's a perfect mood light inside and my mood is grateful and horny. I'm keen on good lighting. Not too much, yet not too little, and the way the light shined off of her stomach, the way it left just the right shadows on her face was driving me crazy. She's standing with her back against the wall, and I'm on my knees moving her panties aside with my fingers and kissing her loveliness. I've got them all the way off now and my tongue is inside of her. It's a perfect taste.

The temperature is just right, the music is playing, and she undresses me. Yes, it's my office. Yes, its private, its where I am typing this post from as we speak, and where I can still picture her body laid out on my desk, legs spread apart, inviting me to indulge myself in a 20 year fantasy. My desk then becomes the abused. Shit is flying everywhere, calculators, speakers, remote controls, papers, files, and finally the monitor, all of just flying off as I do my Dewey thing, my duty. It's loud, its, sweaty, its skin, its pounding, its fucktacular. I stop to take my breathe, to lick her perfect pussy and to relish in this moment. Yes, its a great moment in fuck history and I'm glad I was there, but more importantly I am glad for every moment that led up to this. It was a night of seduction, of eyes connecting, of constant laughter and that rare human bond. Yes, I felt so very alive, so very happy.

I had all the time I wanted with her. There was no curfew, and no husband anywhere to speak of. I left a few slight marks on her, and I prayed that she would be alright with that. She didn't complain. We left after a while, holding hands, not talking about anything, but just enjoying the silence. She's gone now, left back to the state where she lives. I wonder what she's thinking. I wonder if I'll ever see her again. For now, I'm just going to lean over and enjoy her beautiful scent she left on my desk and hope the cleaning crew doesn't touch it for a little while.

It still smells like a 20 year wait should . . . perfect.


mina said...

Sounds absolutely perfect. So happy you got that experience you were waiting for. It sounded like such a hot night. being able to take her into the office and just have her.... wonderful!

Cheeks said...

Awww, I'm happy for you! I'm glad you got the good sex you were looking for - and with someone who you've had an attraction to for such a long time. Good for you!

I have a class reunion coming up in a couple of years. Hmmm.... *grins*

wifegonebad said...

What a wonderfully hot experience!

Gray said...

Woah, now that is definitely worth the 20 year wait. Awesome reunion!

Petal said...

Love the long and short version....your blog rocks btw :o)

Hubman said...

Damn, you're a lucky man!

A few months ago I *almost* met up with an old crush from high school. Almost because I had to change plans. Like you, it's been about 20 yrs for me. Unlike you, I wouldn't haven been so lucky...

Kate said...

YAY!!! So fucking spectacular, Dewey. I cannot fully express how unbelievably happy I am for you. This is exactly what I want for myself and it makes me giddy to think that you actually got it. You who so deserve something this fabulous. You made my night :) I am almost as happy as if it happened to me.

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Kate put it peferctly! Giddy is just the word!! I can't believe you had a 20 year dream fulfilled, and a wonderful human bond too. All wrapped up in a beautiful package, reptilian eyes and a warm heart. I'm grinning ear to ear over here!

Anonymous said...

I bet the wait made it all the better.