Friday, January 29, 2010

A Peaceful Business Model that Works

I've been hearing lately from many of my female friends that they wish they could be doing, or could have done what my ex and I are attempting to do.  Our relationship/business model is unique in that we get along well enough most of the time so that we can live together under the same roof and raise our kids together, and we can do that in an open, peaceful, and honest way with them.  They know that mom and dad aren't "in-love", are going through a divorce, and they're managing that information very well.  The ex and I work together closely as partners in parenting and believe me it isn't an easy task with all girls, and with so many of them.  But it's damn worth it.

Perhaps this model works because there is a general interest in hoping that those around us are happy and get their needs met.  But it's more than that, its about genuinely wishing that your partner (ex-partner) is happy and seeing that she feels the same way about you.  I can literally schedule any outing, or time that I want to go out, socialize, have dates, or go on mini-trips and know that she will take care of the kids while I do the same for her.   Recently this has become quite a scheduling exchange.  We work together to make sure that we parent first but also that we have equal time outside of the house to pursue whatever we want. It isn't always perfect but fuck, I am very happy about our arrangement.  I'm happy that we don't have to be in the closet about it either.  Kids know, parents know, grandparents know, and my friends know.

There are of course limitations to this model.  We don't own a mansion where we could have guests, or lovers, circulating in and out.  We aren't going to have any boyfriend or girlfriend come live with us.  But even if we did have such a home, I wouldn't be living that way as a parent, as a role model to my girls.  Simply put, there isn't any woman that I would introduce my girls to for a very long time.

Strangely enough, two of my kids who are 11 and 9, are asking me about dating.  They are coming to me and telling me to go out and date, to have love.  I find that remarkable because they truly want me to be happy and they know that I will always be there for them.  They know I won't leave my house no matter how fucktacular some woman might be and leave my kids to be an every other weekend type dad.  It just isn't in my DNA.  I have to see them daily, they are the love of my life.

So yes, I can date, I can fuck, I can be seeing multiple people at the same time, and I can have a variety of relationships that make life interesting and I can do it all with the help of the person that I fell in love with so long ago.  There can be peace, and this model can work.  If it were a business model I think more people would be buying.

Have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dimitri - The Stud

MUST LISTEN: The Reason Some Girls Stay Single. 

*Update - A reader (Kimmy) was nice enough to leave a comment that this is all just a joke, a fake promotional tool.  It is however still hilarious to me, and if this is going to be a movie, I will be there opening night.  This kind of stuff cracks me up.  

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hot Bloggers Inspire Something in Me

The other day I'm on email and I see that a good friend, a hot blogstress is on-line, and her Gmail IM status says "to shower, or not to shower". Hmmm. So I'm thinking well, few things are sexier than imagining a hot woman, taking a shower. Ok, well it's at least up there on the list in terms of sexy places for women to be. I admit, there are times when I would watch a woman taking a shower and just get frazzled at the site of that body with the steam and the soap.  In most cases I was always ready to throw my clothes off and jump in with her, but I figured that logistically because I was sitting in a tree with binoculars that it would be hard to gain entry into the bathroom. (j/k for you serious types)

Anyhow I encouraged her to take a shower and the following conversation occured. She then encouraged me to post it and so here it goes:

Me: Shower now and let me be the water . . . cascading from the shower head down your hair, and onto your neck. Let me go ever so slowly down your breasts and just over your nipples. I want to touch every inch of your tummy and then down farther toward your hotness, your warmness, your sex, and ultimately down your legs. Let me slip down the drain undetected by your other lovers . . . now you are clean.

Her: Damn, a shower suddenly sounds like a good idea..... phewwwww - damn, I am already in the ultra horny part of my month... *squeezing legs togehter.

Me: Take a shower for me . . .  dedicate it to me!! I swear I'll give you everything I got. Let the hot water run forever while I kiss you passionately and soak up your sexiness, your vibe. I will kiss you everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  Now . . . use your arms and hold yourself, prop yourself against the shower wall, because I really want to explore you.  Damn its getting hot in this shower . . . While I can't be there with you, my body is willing and wanting . . .

Hershit damn fuck   Breath faster as is my heart.

Me: If you have a handle, or something to grip while we shower together . . . grab it. . . . hold it tight. and bend over just ever so slightly because I want to taste you, and I love the way you taste in the shower.  You're so clean and yet so wet . . . .  Can you feel how hard I am . . . shit! damn! fuck!!   Yes, I'm that hard, and now I am about to take this clean shower experience to a very dirty level.  Are you ready?   Spread your legs just a little,  let me play with you and let me slowly slide my cock into your beautiful pussy. . . . That feels so good - you feel so good!    Hold on tight, I'm gonna grab your wet hair just a little, but maybe a lot.

Her: I am in the need of a shower - now more then ever!!!!  But with it being this late in the day I was pondering if I should just wait till tomorrow - but I fear now I can't  I will have to shower and touch myself and think of what you just described.

Me: Please touch yourself, please  . . . . I can't stand to think that you wouldn't after this little tryst we just had

Her: Off to shower -thank god my new toy is waterproof.  what you just said will be my inspiration.  An O will form on my lips and then I will giggle.  Off to "hand"le things  ;)

Me: Yummy, that's so hot to think of you like that, or this way . . .

20 minutes later . . . 

Her: It was that hot.  ohhhh and totally worked in no time flat - wowzers!

Me:  Glad to get your firing burning even while you're in the shower

My point in sharing this story is that you never know where it can go when you leave your status on IM like that.  A dirty mind can go in a lot of different directions with just barely enough material to warrant a moment like this.  Thank you hot blogstress and thank you to all the others that provide me with little moments like this throughout the day.  Way more fun then a guy should be allowed.  

Let me tell you who's on my mind: Gypsy Rose, SouthernGirl, Lilly, Kimberly, Emmy, Barefoot Dreamer, Mina, Green Eyed Frenchy, Ella, Petal, Ms. Scarlett, Jae, Ms. Undecided, Sexie Sadie, Sweet Elle, Athena, Grace, Just a Curious Wife, Topaz, LifeChick, April, WGD, Kyra, W Virginia W, Black Pearl, Mina, Eva, Gray, T, and Monique Danger.

Not all could be listed, and I'm sure I left someone out by accident, but those of you that have peaked my interest through emails, IM, and or comments are here. Thank you ladies . . . you are hot as fuck!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Depeche Mode - Free Love

If you've been hiding from love
If you've been hiding from love
I can understand where you're coming from
I can understand where you're coming from

If you've suffered enough
If you've suffered enough
I can understand what you're thinking of
I can see the pain that you're frightened of

And I'm only here
To bring you free love
Let's make it clear
That this is free love
No hidden catch
No strings attached
Just free love
No hidden catch
No strings attached
Just free love

I've been running like you
I've been running like you
Now you understand why I'm running scared
Now you understand why I'm running scared

I've been searching for truth
I've been searching for truth
And I haven't been getting anywhere
No I haven't been getting anywhere

And I'm only here
To bring you free love

Friday, January 15, 2010

Do You Trust Me?

This occurred exactly one week ago today

You are to show up this exact address at this precise time.  Park your car, get out, lock it and walk over to my car.  No, we won't be eating anything on this date, and I cannot provide you with more details than that.  You need to wear a skirt though.  That's all I can tell you . . .

She shows up and has followed my plan exactly as I asked.  As she approaches me, she's cautious, yet happy to see me.  I don't exchange the normal pleasantries nor do I talk to her.  I have a blindfold and I place it over her eyes outside of our vehicles before I place her in my car and drive off with her.  As I look over at her for a moment I feel very in charge, more in charge of a situation, of a woman than ever before.  She seems like a possession to me, as if I own her and can demand anything and everything that I want.  This is new for Dewey and he likes feeling empowered this way.

We drive into a garage and I close the garage door.  I help her out and into the living room where she steadies herself against a counter and waits for me.  I return with a bottle of red wine and in the silence of the room remove the cork.  It's dead silent, and the room is mostly dark.  For her though it is completely dark requiring the use of her other senses to navigate this new territory, this situation.  I pour the bottle slowly as it chugs into the wine glass, and I help her guide the glass to her lips.  We share a sip and then I quietly whisper these words:  Do you trust me?  I knew she did, I knew the answer but I needed to hear it from her before I proceeded.

I get behind her and take her hands behind her back.  A comfortable rope is used to tie her hands behind her back.  She's standing now with her back to me wearing a skirt, tall dark boots, a blouse, blindfolded and tied up.  God, what a beautiful scene that was.  I get on my knees and begin to caress her legs, her calves and her thighs.  I slowly carefully navigate my way around her body exploring and feeling every curve every inch.  My hands gliding over every inch, softly teasing, softly squeezing, but mostly adoring this beautiful creature.

I pull her hair back and kiss her behind the ears. I move across her face and begin to pick up the tempo.  I tease her with my mouth, my hot breath leading her to believe that I will kiss her on the mouth but not ever giving it to her.  My hands firmly squeeze her breasts and my momentum is shifting toward a higher speed, getting her hot and bothered.  She lets out soft moans and groans as I slide my hands over her panties.  I stand behind her, and move her panties to the side and play with her.  Stroking her pussy and feeling her clit.  She's already wet and there's plenty of lube to apply a little bit of pressure to her clit.  She gasps for air and lets out a long loud moan.  I go faster and slide my other hand underneath her bra feeling her nipples and squeezing them.

The panties must come off, and I am happy to bring them down to where her boots are, just below her knees.  I bend her over just so slightly so she can stay balanced but giving me just enough space to push my face into her cunt.  Fuck she's so sweet!  I love her taste.  I lick it and use my fingers inside of her, playing with my fuck-toy and enjoying every bit of control over her.  The blouse must now come off.  Done!   Her bra pulled down exposing her full breasts for my pleasure.  I suckle them, lick them and suck her nipples with no restraint.  When she tries to reach for my cock with her tied up hands, I deny her request by moving away, and not giving it to her.  'No.  When I 'm ready you can have it, but not until then.'

We move into a bedroom, me guiding my tied up slave to her next destination and laying her on the bed, on her stomach.  I prop her feet on the floor and continue to toy her pussy with my finger fucking her ferociously and without limits.  I use my other hand to massage her clit and she can barely take it.   She screams and moans and I know that she has just cum.  In nearly 10 seconds, and with one hand I remove my pants, put on a condom, and penetrate her with my hardness.  This is a hard fuck.  Fast and furious.

When I finish we lay down together.  I remove her mask and we begin exchanging our first pleasantries of the date, softly talking, softly kissing, and relishing in the aftermath of what just happened.  We kiss more and more, we touch each other, play with each other some more, and soak up the momentary bliss of two people sexually charged and devouring one another.  Our two hour window was about up and she departed with some very kind words, "thank you for reminding me of how good this can feel."  And yet somehow I wanted to be the one to thank her, to thank her for trusting me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unfinished Business

With a nearly a month of not posting you'd think that I'd have some incredible stories to share wouldn't you?  You might even think that perhaps, with the way the world turns, and with its various seasons that maybe, just maybe Dewey got some.  Maybe it turned in his favor?  And you know what?  You'd be correct, but it's more than just about getting some, it's about one thing, and one thing only . . . . Facebook!  Yes people the Facebook Gods have answered and the doors have opened. And behind doors 1,2,3, and 4 have been some amazing women, and some great tales of tail.  I got some!  I got lots, and the getting apparently has no ending.

How did this all happen?  I'm not quite sure what the catalyst was . . . but it probably had to be with my getting a divorce.  Maybe, but maybe not.  Maybe its my charm, my energy, my smile, and quite possibly my writing skills.  No?  Not the writing you say.  Yea, ok, well I tried, but I do think that being vocal about my divorce through personal messaging got some women to take a second look at me, to give me chance.  It's certainly possible.  I am enjoying my fun with all of these women.  They all share something in common in that they all tell me that they adore me. Nice huh?  I like being adored, and being appreciated.  You could say that I'm quite liking this newly defined moment in my life: divorced, single, and having more fun than ever.

Before you think I'm a horrible man-whore (you'd be right of course), these women all know that I am seeing other people.  That's the beauty of my place right now.  I don't have to lie about who and I am what I'm doing, and the no-secrets part of it is a load off my chest.  They know I don't want a relationship.  I'm living my life in my 30's and living what should have been fun in my 20's since I missed that whole decade.  Yea, I have responsibilities now, so it's not like I can be 20 again, and I love those responsibilities, so I can't get too crazy, but I'll take a 1/2 portion of crazy if that's ok?  I'll split the other half of crazy with the woman who's willing to put up with all my "red-flags" and relationship walls that I've built.  You've got to be somewhat crazy not to see my hundreds upon hundreds of red-flags.

So while I have some great stories involving hot New Years Eve sex, office sex, more office sex, and even a really good story involving a blind-fold with a car-drive ultimately ending up with her tied up on a bed and me exploring my dominating side (phew that was long), I want to share the most heart-warming of them all.  Call her Sabrina.

Sabrina was my first.   She's a beautiful fun girl, six feet tall and when she left to do modeling in Italy our relationship ended.  Short-lived but fun.  20 years ago in her bedroom my cock felt the inside of a vagina when she allowed me to go where I had never gone before.  Mind you, I was a good little boy, and didn't thrust my hips back in forth.  I didn't slide in-n-out.  I just felt it.  It's kind of like Clinton smoking marijuana but not inhaling, although he claimed not to like it.  Me, well I fucking loved it, the feel of her warm pussy enveloping my cock that is.  I thought I could still call myself a virgin since I technically didn't cum, nor did I thrust, and being a virgin was the only way to go in my shame based culture I was living in.

Fast forward to 20 years later, and our re-connection came to life because of Facebook.  We talked for weeks about life, her life, her marriage, her kids, and I did the same.  Then in late December she upped the ante.  She sent pictures of herself (the ones not posted on Facebook) and started talking about her total lack of a sex-life.  Me, I don't know a thing about consoling a desperate married woman who wants to get a hard pounding fuck.  What me?  How could I help her?  ehhem . . . yea, I know a thing or two about the dangers of monogamy and equally about the dangers of infidelity.  I said I would participate, but not at the cost of hurting, or possibly hurting her children.  'I'd see you if I knew you couldn't/wouldn't get caught'.  That's what I said.  We talked through all of the possibilities that our relationship could be.  We could have fun, and certainly we both believe that there is unfinished business. I dipped my fruit in her chocolate, but never really tasted it.

So two weeks ago we met.  I was nervous.  Fidgety nervous.   Would there be chemistry 20 years later?  We were kids then.  We met at a winery.  It was noon, and it was a gorgeous day.  With a blanket, a picnic basket and a bottle of cab we found a secluded spot.  The whole damn place was empty so it was easy.  And then for two hours we modestly kissed, and touched each other. It was sweet, and romantic, and we both loved it.  We loved our little two hour escapade.  Soft kisses on her back, on her tummy, and the back of her neck.  Simple kisses and suddenly hard deep passionate kissses.  Light touching would turn into heavy groping and massaging.  She lifted my shirt up and licked my nipples while holding on to my thigh.  She then grabbed my cock over my jeans while kissing me intensely.  Whooaaaa.  It was hot.  We went for a walk to cool down and made it about 4 steps, where I  pinned her body against a gazebo.  Hot!!  Fucking hot and heavy.  She groaned as I slid my hand down her jeans and into her wetness.  I knew she was wet before I put my hand there. I could smell her sex, and I was digging it. I was digging this beautiful landscape of trees, a pond, and vineyards everywhere, but most importantly her.

We had to stop.  She had to get back to her home and I had another adventure set up for that evening.  We decided immediately that we needed to see each other again, that we needed to get down to that un-finished business from so long ago.  That will be about a month from now.  The anticipation is already killing me.

Thank you Facebook Gods, you answered my prayers . . .