Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Translation Necessary

The time was confirmed earlier in the morning.  I would arrive at her place around noon.  I was at a "dentist" appt. and work wouldn't really miss me.  Her front door was cracked.  I quietly inched my way inside, trying not to make my presence known.  She was going to get a surprise.  Once inside her home, I closed the door behind me and undressed myself.  Completely.  I then took a bottle opener and opened a beer.  Naked and holding a beer that I used to cover my penis I walked to her office where she was working alone.  She fell out of her chair and yelled loudly.  It was a cheerful surprise and she embraces me.  She's laughing and enjoying the surprise.

We took light sips of the beer and I got on my knees while she stood in the doorway.  Her tight little pants and her cute panties were instantly off when I didn't hesitate to pull them down.  My tongue squarely in her pussy, her box, and she gasped.  What did I love most about this moment?  Well, what's not to love?  But...for many years, I had to "warm-up" a certain someone before I could go pussy-diving with my tongue.  Not this woman.  My tongue is warming her up and her clit is becoming swollen in a matter of seconds.  That's my kind of woman.  She's warmed up just knowing that I'm coming over.

She lets me eat her without stopping me, without any conditions.  She tastes fantastic.  She let's me bring her to orgasm several times in an hour.  She fucks me and knows exactly how to make me hard again after I've cum.  We fuck some more.  She uses just a little bit of her teeth when my cock is in her mouth and I love it.  She bites my lip when we kiss.  It bleeds a little, and I love it.  A little swallow of beer and I forget about it.

She's wild.  She let's me do whatever I want to her.  I let her do the same and somehow I feel like she speaks my sexual language.  She speaks it fluently.