Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Next Morning

To say I had a sleepless night in this little hotel room would be correct. I had 10-15 minutes with "Mind Fuck" the night before and it left me more than hot and bothered. Would she come back the next morning, or would she find excuses to be busy? Our few minutes together had been so intense, so passionate that I couldn't imagine her not wanting to come back to me.

There's something to be said about two humans - two strangers that hardly know each other, having never met before or even talked by way of phone that are drawn to each other in a darkened hotel room. We met through AM and having messaged so frequently and connected on such a deep level so fast that the only thing left was to bring all those fantasies and IM chats to fruition. Animalistic, Raw Sweaty, Passionate, Unending, fruition. These are the words I choose now to define those two hours we had together the next morning. It was perfect. It was all A-Game.

I could describe all the positions we successfully accomplished, as if we were performers for a vile circus act, and I could detail those two hours remarkably from memory but for now what I really want to say is that I evolved. I grew up a lot. I grew up sexually and have become transformed by so many of you, my blogging compadres. I never would have thought to take a woman from behind, while standing up and having a ridiculous hard pounding fuck, and saying to her, as my hips are thrusting from behind "you are my whore". "Tell me that you are my whore", followed by her response and fully succumbing to me. We're facing a mirror and looking into each others eyes and I am taking my prey as she repeats back to me that she is emphatically, my whore. FUCK!!! A hat tip to Miss I for those moments, and many more just like it. My blogging friends are a window into the world of seduction, often full of so many do's and don'ts. Ultimately though, these ideas have only worked because my confidence has ballooned. Mind Fuck was the first to let this new man work his magic, and it left both of us stunned, literally with a sober hangover the next morning from the insane physical and mental interaction.

I texted her the next morning and told her"if you ever forget how sexy you are, just look in a mirror and remember when I was looking at you in the mirror yesterday. That's how sexy you are." That went over quite nicely too. It remains to be seen whether I will get to see Mind Fuck any time soon with her tremendously busy work/family schedule, and because she lives quite a bit away from me, but July isn't looking to bad. At least its not April. And I've got some new things in store (maybe a fetish or two) for the next sexcipade that will push my personal boundaries of comfortableness to the next level. Making giant steps here I suppose.

Again, all you writers/bloggers, be it female or male, you my polyamorous friends, I thank you, I appreciate your stories, I read them, I memorize parts of them. Continue to shed the light. Dewey is ever grateful.


Kimberly said...

Fabulous post! And I agree, there is nothing like the two virtual strangers in a hotel room! Hot stuff, darling - you continue to shed the light as well!

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Mmmmmmm!! Eye contact in the hotel room mirror is amazing! I love doing that with my husband. I know exactly whose whore I am, but I don't think he would mind someone else using me like that occasionally. :) I know just what you mean about the "hangover" the next day. It is almost surreal seeing each other in a calm moment when you have had such intense, nasty, orgasmic sex together.

Library Vixen said...

i love the name of your blog.

Just A. Girl said...

Great post and superhot sex. Raw, animalistic passion.... I could use some of that right about now. :)

T said...

Wow... mmmmhmmmm.