Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Whoop Over Nuthin

My last post got more comments than almost any post I've done before. It seems that most of you thought that I should not mess around with the ex-wife of my wife's boy-fuck-toy, even though my wifey was the one to suggest it. Make sense? So what happened you ask? Did anything happen? The answer is no. In fact I never even met her anytime she was here, but I was totally ok with that. I spent the whole day with an old buddy of mine, playing ping-pong, foosball, drinking some beers, flirting with the ladies, and killing virtual animals on a video gamed called Big Buck Hunter Safari.

I hadn't seen my friend for about 4 months and reconnecting with him was far more satisfying of a day then perhaps what could have been with this other woman that never was. Make sense?

By the way, if you are familiar with the game at all, you'll know who this bitch is below.


Emmy said...

Glad you had a good time reconnecting with a friend. Sounds like a nice break from everything else. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...sometimes it's just good to hang with your friends and let off a bit of steam (we girls call that shopping). xx

Barefoot Dreamer said...

I am not sure who that ummm lady is - but any girl with a gun is a good girl to me :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's GOOD to put sex on the back burner.

And now that i've said that, i shall go shoot myself. My life is over. ;-)

lifechick said...

A lay is a dime a dozen; a friend is forever.

Ok, I was gonna credit that to some philosopher or other, but I think I just made it up. Probably because, I can't remember any advice given by Socrates or Plato on whether one should mess around with an almost-ex-wife's current boy-toy's existing ex-wife.

Did Shakespeare ever address this problem? To hit it or not to hit it? That is the question.

I think you made the right call. Though admittedly, we might've enjoyed the entertaining and/or horrifying post that resulted from an encounter with this woman. Still, you probably should not walk into highly questionable situations just for our entertainment. Probably.

April said...

Catching up with friends is always fun! So is fucking, but not when it's a shady situation set up by your evil wife. (I don't know if she's really evil and I'm not passing judgment on her, I just wanted to add and adjective and evil sounded like the best 4 letter word at the time.) Although what if she was hot? Like Megan Fox hot? Oh well. I think it's best to imagine her looking like Roseann. Yeah, you wouldn't want to bang Roseann, now would you?

Oh and I'm officially a follower of the Fucking Dewey System. Oh wait, that's not right...... =)

Dewey's System said...

Yes, it was so nice to have "man time".

No, it's never a good thing to put sex on the back burner. Ok, maybe sometimes it is.

Lifechick: I love your Shakespeare quote. Also you reminded me that I need to have something entertaining to post about soon. Hhmmm. I wonder what this weekend has in store.

April: It's actually funny that you would put it that way. She isn't Megan Fox hot, but she is hot!! Not that it matters, because I'm not with her sexually anymore.

She isn't evil. She's open minded and I know she didn't mention it to me for any other reason then the fact that she knows I like to get my rocks off here and there - I mean, who doesn't. So no, no Rosanne Barr here thank god.

wifegonebad said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a good day without any possible future complications! But what does this weekend have in store Mr. Tease? ;->

Eva Huntress said...

aah, ok. well, a little male bonding can be good too. And the pic: who's that? Dora's mom?

Anonymous said...

So you really were bonding with the fellas, not using that as an excuse to get your groove on?

The chick with the gun makes ME hot!! and so do you, Dewey!!!