Monday, September 14, 2009

I Love You Wifey - Part I

I married a pretty cool chick. Yes indeed. And yes at times I feel the polar opposite of that feeling but occassionally, such as last night, I do take a moment to tell her I love her and tell her how much I appreciate her. As we were having our monthly "partner round-table" discussion about our kids and about our family, I couldn't help but for the moment to feel joy and to feel as though my place in life is nice. It's good. Certainly we could divorce now, as I've talked about before but we don't want to put our kids through that. However, we also don't want to mislead them, or to have them think that we are modeling a "healthy loving marriage/relationship". Because it simply isn't that. So it will be forthcoming to our children soon that mom and dad love each other, and love them, but that we're not "in love" with each other.

At some point we'll get a divorce, but it isn't necessary for now. We can all live under the same roof and our family stays intact.

We'll be seeking the assistance of a professional in how we word it to them. The wording is very very important and I suppose when we take each child at a time and discuss it with them that it will be a moment they will never ever forget. We want to do our best to make that moment is as positive and reassuring to them as can be. Their emotional well being is the most important priority. More to come on that as it begins to unfold.

So I started to write this post as a term of endearment for wifey and I want to share something nice that she did for me when we still had a sexual connection. It was my birthday two years ago and she took me to this cute little bar on the pier in our cozy beach town. We were sitting drinking a beer for nearly 20 minutes and talking about the surroundings and people in the bar. As we're talking I look across the room and notice a female that stood out for the obvious reason that she was smoking hot, but also because she seemed somewhat familiar. So familiar that I had to get up and go over to see if I knew her. As I approached her and we made eye contact I was blown away with delight and shear surprise. I can still remember this moment as if it were in slow motion. You see wifey invited a special friend (blondie) of ours from college to be with us for the weekend. She flew her in to town from out of state.

Wifey knew that I had a crush on blondie and she spent a few months planning this special surprise for me. Dewey was in fucking blonde, hot ass/tits heaven. But more than that I had two gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, smart women as my companions for the weekend. Can you imagine what I was thinking when guys at the bars were trying to hit on both of them? 'Sorry dude, they're both with me, and both are going home with me. Better luck next time Joe Blow.' Yes, it was Wifey-Dewey-Blondie. Now that was a sandwich I could eat all day and night. Believe me when I say that I could never get full on that meal.

We dance-party all night the first night and head back to the hotel. The girls get giggly and a bit nervous. This was blondies first time with a couple. The lights are low, the music is soft, and the girls get comfortable on the bed in their bra and panties. They start to kiss each other and I'm laying right beside them.

Fuck!! Just a fucking gorgeous site. Trust me when I say this site blows the socks off any sunset, landscape, wonders-of-the-world type phenomena. Fuck you Grand Canyon, I have two hot bitches in bed with me.

I start to undo their bra's while they are kissing and when their tits are touching I'm so giddy with hard-on delight. This is pretzel zone here where bodies are intertwined, wet pussies everywhere, mouths all over the place, and one stiff cock at attention. I remember everything so vividly, because frankly what dumbass wouldn't when this is happening. At one moment wifey is laying down on her back and I'm thrusting my appreciative cock inside her when I'm overcome with a warm sensation underneath me. What?? Huh? I look down and blondie is underneath me. She has taken my balls into her mouth and is using her fingers around my ass. Yes, her wet fingers are circling that area while my balls are in her mouth and my cock is in wifey's pussy. A special moment, brought to you by the phrase "fuck me".

This kind of action continued for another hour or so, and wifey collapsed into sleep from shear exhaustion yet blondie wasn't done nor was my love missile. I had more targets to fire on and more firepower left in me. We fucked until we collapsed, or until the sun came up. I'm not quite sure about that. I am quite sure though that I couldn't have gotten enough of her because when morning arrived, and wifey left us for an hour to run an errand (wink wink), I did indeed commence into more fun. Too much fun. More than any man should have.

Dewey came, and came again and returned the favor over and over again. The first orgasm that I gave her was with both of my hands. One hand using my fingers to fill her insides with and the other hand meticulously cirling and massaging her clit. As she started to get close to climaxing I lightly started to slap her her clit and she loved it. Her orgasm building and both my hands working her furiously with our tongues connected I started to vigorously slap her clit like a bad bug bite and she ate it up. Her orgasm so intense that she started shaking, and crying. It was the happy cry. It was the, 'I haven't ever orgasmed like that before' cry. She was happy and so was I.

We packed up our stuff, went out to eat together and drove to the City of Angels for what would be an even a more climactic and fun filled addition to the weekend. Stay tuned for part two of this weekend story. Trust me, you don't want to miss it. How can you not love a woman that plans all this shit out for you?


Gray said...

What a wonderful wife indeed. Sounds like a great weekend!:)

Lilly said...

Mmmm I'm envious!

God I need a threesome with a hot willing girl. Pronto!

lifechick said...

In telling this story, saying you married a "cool chick" is kind of like saying the surface of the sun is "hot". A bit of an understatement!

Glad to see you're both doing everything you can to make things go as smoothly as possible for your kids. I wish all parents would follow that example. Too many use their kids as weapons.

It's disturbing and destructive, and I suspect alters the kids (not for the better) for the rest of their lives. You and your wife are to be commended, because you completely "get it". Kids do not just bounce back from being put through the ringer; they carry that forever.

Thank goodness your kids have the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that she shared this with you. I hope you find peace there.


Riff Dog said...

Wow! She does know how to set up a nice weekend! ;-)

Kimberly said...

Wow! That sounds amazing...sigh.