Thursday, May 7, 2009

And So It Begins

I've been tempting myself to start writing about my passions and frustrations for the past year. Leave it to a few bottles of Stella to get the courage to get started. Hi, I'm Dewey and I like the F word. I like to say it, I like to do it, and I had to have it in my title. As you get to know me you'll find out why I came up with the blog title. It has a variety of meanings. I don't want to just jump right in and explain them because that would spoil it all, and I don't feel like writing any spoiler disclaimers. But really, the sound, the phonetics of the F word, are so pleasing to my ear. I often create new words from the F word. I invite your submissions. My favorite is fucktacular. Why shouldn't something that's fucking spectacular just be called fucktacular?

I'm in my mid 30's but physically feel the best I have ever felt in my whole life. I've been married for 15 years and my marriage is easily the biggest challenge I've ever faced. They say that 1/2 of marriages end in divorce and I say that the other 1/2 are plotting and scheming for one. In other words, I think marriage should not be the "journey" or even the "destination". If it's the journey, then I want off, I want a ticket to go back home. If it's the destination then why does it always look so much more glamorous on television?

I'm not here to bitch about my partner. No, that would be too easy. And in all fairness, she doesn't have her side to tell, right along with my version, on this blog, so I'm going to do what I feel comfortable with - leave the drama out of this. Besides, all you married folks out there know what I'm talking about already. And if you don't, or if you've only been married for a short while, just wait, or just have a few kids and you'll understand where I'm coming from. You may not agree but that's alright.

More introductions - I have kids from my marriage and they alone are the single reason I stay married. However, Dewey and wifey have come up with our own arrangements to navigate this awkward time in our relationship. These arrangements are with the understanding that we want what's best for our children, and that means putting aside our own needs for there's. I firmly believe that kids will do better with two loving parents in the home, and besides, neither wifey or Dewey want to be separated from our kids. So I live, as a married man (filing jointly on taxes/which saves money), yet separated in every way with wifey, yet living together. Make sense? Great. I'm glad you could follow me.

More to come on that arrangement . . . .

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Mina said...

"Fan-Fucking-Tastic" is my fave.