Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Working on Those Skills

I haven't tried this approach so its definitely new to me. What I'm talking about is how much interest you show in a girl that you're interested in. I've been working on my technique and I discovered that the less interest I showed, in fact let's call it apathy if you will, the more the woman became interested in me. I was hanging out with this girl on Friday night, and then again on Saturday morning and we talked about our mutual interest in each other. We agreed that I was not the right guy for her and then I continued to make that assessment as the day progressed. I reminded her that I was everything she was not looking for in a man. It was flirtatious, it was even physical, as she kept hitting me to show me how she didn't like my "married" situation. She was hitting me in a playful way, and while it hurt I kind of enjoyed it. I have some bruises to prove it. This woman chased me around the house like a horny desperate housewife. I shrugged her off, I ran, but deep down I wanted to suck her face, and taste the lip ring.

Eventually I moved to a room in this house I was visiting and she finds me an jumps all over me. Not only did I get to taste her lips, and her tongue, but I found some more piercings on her nipples, and I felt like a jovial treasure hunter, having found the jewels. Our make out session got hot and heavy. Her shirt is off, her huge breasts with the nipple rings exposed in my face, and wearing nothing but blue jeans she grabs my hair and I grab her hair. It's getting hot in this room, and the smell of hormones/pheromones could have set off smoke alarms. I grab her pussy, over her jeans and rub her for about 2 minutes. I love that moment when right after a woman reaches orgasm when her whole body shakes, she moves my hand off of her and she collapses in my arms. It's like she just ran a marathon and needs me to hold her up. God, somebody open the windows in here.

I never climaxed. I never asked to nor did I suggest that she do something for me. Everything we did made me happy and I didn't need to have an orgasm. I think she was happy too. The foreplay was amazing and unlike any other that I had experienced. I really need to get out more often.

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