Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ashley Madison

I've been using the Ashley Madison web-site for about one year now. I use it because it's the only site I know of that is the closest to a legitimate site for meeting women that are in a similar situation. That situation is, of course, the sexually frustrated person that enjoys fucking, passion, connection, intimacy, and all of it with a bit of discretion. And we need discretion for a variety of reasons; we are married, and or we have a significant other, or we have kids, and we want to protect those we care about from being hurt by the knowledge that we are pursuing all of those things I just listed, but in no particular order . . . well #1 is #1 and that can't be changed. In case I've lost you I'm talking about fucking.

In all this time, I have not met one woman from the site. No. Not a single pair of tits has come forth from this experiment. Now, I say tits, but women are so much more to me than that. They are the most beautiful creation on this earth, and they smell good. I have had a few relationships that happened outside of the site, so its not looking too pathetic over here in Dewey's part of the world, but new doors just opened up, and new possibilities arrived that have me feverishly messaging the ladies out there and trying to make things happen. I believe that those that do nothing, get nothing, so I've been going out on the town lately, and prospecting on AM. I've come very close to meeting a woman and then she completely abandon me. She stopped writing like she went off the grid or something. I was sad about that because I had worked hard on the email thing for about 6 weeks with her. And then one day, viola, she disappeared.

The AM site has been crazy loaded lately with sugar babies. Single, attractive women looking for that special arrangement that includes the exchange of sex for money, or the equivalent of money. I'm not even joking here when I say that this phenomena of sugar babies is up maybe 100% over the past 4 months. I don't like it, its very annoying. I don't like it because it blurs the reason that I'm even there on AM. I want someone that is in a similar situation, married. I exchanged a note with Riff Dog from Ashley and Me, and he agreed that the situation was getting worse. Yes, the economy stinks right now, and yes more and more people are loosing their jobs everyday. Living yesterday's lifestyle of having it all, and doing very little to get it, is falling part for many people. These women need their rent paid, or they need someone to foot the bill on their next trip to the mall. To be honest, if the economy wasn't the way it was, my salary would be a hell of lot better than it is, and I might even entertain such a relationship with a sugar baby. But it isn't my preference. Sugar babies, get off AM. Please!!

So getting back to the basics, my system, Dewey's Fucking System, is having a little bit of trouble snarling the good catch. I've got to work on the bait, work on my game, I've got to step it up, and I've got to find me a good woman. Let it rain, let it pour. Let the world open up to me. Let the "System" work on its own.

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Anonymous said...

Well I havent had much luck lately with the male side of AM. And evidently women arent the only ones who do the disappearing act. Its so frustrating to email back and forth with someone and get to know them and then all of a sudden....NOTHING....