Monday, May 18, 2009

Cool Stuff

Two very cool things to report:
First, a brand new beauty supply store just opened across the hall from where I work.  Its one of those wholesale places that sells to licensed beauticians.  I say its cool because there hasn't been any eye candy in this region for years, and I have already seen one of the girls that works there and she's super hot.  The other reason is that I expect to see many of this towns hotties coming through here to shop there.  Suddenly I am now surrounded by hot girls.  Maybe there is a God?  Maybe?

Secondly, I met wife's boyfriend on Friday night and things went very well.  We also met up yesterday for the Lakers game at a sportsbar in town.  We thought at the moment that it was a crazy scenario because I was enjoying the female crowd at the bar, and shamelessly flirting with the lovely waitress from Thailand.  Crazy because I was doing it while sitting next to the man who is now fucking my wife that I still live with.  We had fun and he was very supportive of my technique.   

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