Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buzz Buzz Buzz

So much is buzzing around in my brain that I thought I should make a bullet point list of some of them.

  • There are a few bloggers out there that need me to earn about one extra zero on the end my salary so I can live a fantasy or two.  Fucking economy!?  Get better already.  Ok, maybe they don't need me, as much as I want them. 
  • My body is nursing two injuries now and I need them to be healed quickly.  One of them, my shoulder, is keeping me from my routine at the gym, and I feel gross.  And my knee is keeping from doing my basketball - cardio thing.  I need the healing angel to come and come quickly.   
  • I'm living two worlds right now.  One is still in AM and about to begin a new journey with someone new.  The other is dabbling in some "single" dating life meeting hot girls on normal web-sites like Plenty of Fish or Match.  Let's hope those two worlds don't ever get mixed up.
  • All around me I see beautiful women, and some of them are extraordinarily hot.  Single too.  I'm surrounded by so many people yet often feel alone.  Poor me huh?  Don't worry too much though.
  • I often wonder if I continue this blog for the right reasons.  Is it good for me, does it record my thoughts some how for safe keeping?  Or do I do it because I love the attention and the advice?  
  • I've been called "adorable" many times over lately in the past 6 months.  Women who barely meet me use the word.  Is that good?  Do I want to be adorable?  Maybe I want another adjective like "insatiable"?  I don't know.  How about "fucking hot"?  Too much?
  • My new AM woman is really cute.  Her body is just like the woman I posted like 2 or 3 posts ago.  I want that.  I like a woman I can pick up and pin against a wall.   She's super funny too.  We're meeting for the 2nd time tomorrow and I know it will be stepped up in terms of something physical.  Perhaps a kiss?  Maybe more.  It's not really defined in terms of how fast it needs to go.  Marathon . . .  or a sprint?  I'm not sure and it's the mystery that is so fun.
  • I feel some level of guilt for not tending to my blog regularly, or paying attention to others.  
  • I still love beer, perhaps more than the normal guy my age.  
  • My home is perfectly divided. I have my own room, and the kids are happy in their respective rooms as well.  My former spouse has the master bedroom so she can't complain too much since that's the nicest room in the house.  Neither she or I have ever had our own rooms before.  We've always shared with someone.
  • Ex-Wifey has had some girlfriends sleeping over recently and these girls are super hot.  They'll often sleep in her bed with her.  I imagine that both of them come in my room together in the middle of the night to quench their thirst for my cock and yet somehow it hasn't happened, and trust me, it never will, and I'm ok with that. A guy can fantasize right?  
  • Sabrina was over at my house last weekend, late, late at night.  Everyone was gone.  I haven't had a woman in a long time and it felt wonderful.  We kissed each other all over for a long time and eventually she decided to take me into her mouth.  She took all of me, and then some.  It was immensely pleasurable.  Next time its her turn.
  • I've been talking to a woman for about a month now that I find extremely attractive.  She's really got me kinda wound up.  If she's anything in real life like she in on the phone or on email, I could really get into the idea of a normal relationship.  Normal, monogamous, and somewhat healthy.  No?  Yea, I miss being loved, as in adored, and worshiped.... even if just for a moment.  I'll take it.  But I'll most likely give as much if not more of it back.
  • Just bought a memory foam mattress, and yet I wonder if I want my bed to remember everything that takes places there??  hhhhmmmm (pondering)
Cheers Everyone


Barefoot Dreamer said...

miss you

Jae said...

Awww Dewberry...I'll send you your angel darlin'...can't have you feeling gross.

For the record, you are fuckin' hot...can't tell you if you're insatiable or not since I've never done the Dew. I know I'd give you a run for your money though. LOL! And really, unless I get an extra zero or two at the end of my salary--or win the Lotto--it's just an idle boast, no? But I so would.

Repeat after me, "My blog is indeed good for me and my blog friends love me." Keep saying it 'til you believe it. You can NOT go anywhere Dew...well, unless its to the east coast of course. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sir D, what a delight to see you back and blogging since I just returned myself. I often question the purpose of my own blog especially since my slut slate is still clean. Some days my blog feels meaningful and others it's feels so raw that I am tempted to delete the entire thing just to be done. Perhaps our blogs have much in common with your new memory foam mattress? And like you mattress, I imagine you rising leaving your impression behind and for me to sleep in "the shadow of you." - E.

Kat said...

I can relate with the people calling you adorable...I get called cute all the time until people meet me personally and then it is something else entirely...LOL

You have an interesting blog it would be sad for you not to continue.


Cheeky Minx said...

I'm new to these parts, and since I'm still giggling about your memory mattress, it would be a shame if you disappeared!

And judging by your avatar pic, you seem to be on the hot, rather than the adorable, side of the scale...

Anonymous said...

See Dewey love -- you can take the boy away from the blog but we girls will still flock to you upon your return.

We miss you Mr. sexiness...

*kissing boo boos*


Green Eyed Frenchy said...

been missing you

Just a Girl said...

I love lists and yours is a great one. This is the first time I've visited your blog, but I can relate!

You asked if you were blogging for the right reasons. I was blogging regularly for a while and stopped because I felt like I was in a popularity contest. It was hard for me to stay true to myself and my reasons for writing. I'm giving it a try again and just started a new blog.

About being called "adorable." I hear ya!! For me, it is "cute." I was trying to drum up some quick one-time sexual encounters and I had several men call me cute. WTF. I do not want to be cute and especially not in that context. Maybe you are right. Insatiable or fucking hot would be better all around.

Vixen said...

I have no idea what to comment many thoughts.

I think you can be adorable AND fucking hot. (I believe you are both)

I think either of those reasons you would remain blogging are both good ones and you can have both here. And I think you do.

LOL about your fantasy.

It's always nice when you make an appearance ;)


Dan said...

I'm hearing you my friend, oh lord I'm hearing you, so much so that the vagaries, confusions and madness of finding and staying with someone is driving me to despair.
Your honesty is appealing. Not in a 'hello sailor' way!!! But in a refreshing way. Keep on blogging and if I wish you luck in the game of love promise you will wish me luck in the same one, because I am certainly on a losing streak.

T said...

I love that last part. Memory foam. Ha!

It sounds like you have quite a bit going on so you're definitely more than just "adorable".

Keep on keeping on, you know? You are loved.

massagemama said...

We're happy to see you back :)

Bella said...

New here but not shy so I'll go ahead and say're fucking hot...but adorable isn't a bad thing in my book either. ;)

Dewey's System said...

Thank you ladies (and Dan ;)) for your sweet comments and reminders. You all are so awesome. Jae, you had me laughing for sure, Ella, you always hit the right notes and my heart strings, Kat, no worries, I'm not quitting, Cheeky Minx, I so need to get the Down Under out of my system. You are incredibly sexy yourself ;).

Ok, sorry, I can't comment on everyone, I just thank you all for your input, your comments, your humor, your compliments, and your well wishes. Every man should be so lucky to have this outlet, to have an audience, to have this advice, and to have this support.