Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I can't take full credit for this theory since I may have heard this idea in a movie or something. But perhaps I can discuss it here amongst ya'll. Do any of you like to cook? I love it. I sometimes grab a handful of ingredients with no idea how it will blend in the end, but I enjoy the process, and I always enjoy the results.

The theory is basically this: If you can cook in in the kitchen, if you have some creative aspirations, and aren't afraid of the outcome, then quite possibly you might be a good lover, or perhaps a great lover. Is there any connection between cooking and sex? You tell me. It does seem almost parallel the way we describe a great meal and a great lover. Here are some of the similarities: fantastic, insatiable, delicious, juicy, raw, beautiful, sensual, delectable, flavorful, indulgent, luscious, marinate, salty, spicy, succulent, tangy, tantalizing, perfection, natural, sweet, and lastly my favorite - yummy. Please add your own adjectives if I left any out. For those of you that wonder now whether Dewey can cook, let me show the last dish I made. Almond Chicken, and yes it was yummy.

Let me take the theory one step further. Are musicians any better at sex than the average joe? It does take creativity and talent to play music. I don't know. I'd like to think so. Did I tell you I play the drums too. ;)


Sexie Sadie~ said...

First of all, as a southern girl, I would be remiss if I did not correct your spelling of y'all. It's a conjunction of you all... y'all :)

I think your theory holds water.... or, ummmm... chicken stock?? Yes, good cooks make good lovers. Or maybe I just say that because I am an excellent cook. Or maybe I say that because I think men that can cook are sexy. Yeah. Maybe that.

Drums? Very cool. He can cook and keep the beat. Score more points for big D.


Cande said...

Haha, as an ex musician I can tell you that drummers are the ones that can help us tell if the stage is level. (I'm sure you've heard this one) Because they drool out of both sides of their mouth.

And yes good cooks tend to be good lovers. At least my good cook is a good lover. It's definitely the creativity.

sexinsuburbs said...

Fabulous analogy. A dear friend of mine calls the Food Network the porn channel. Watch their exressions, their noises, their rolling eyes. I feel most at home in the kitchen. As in bed, there are infinite possibilities and they all lead to pleasure.

Cheating Wife said...

I think a talent for cooking is indeed a good sign. And musical talent? Absolutely. My current flame is proof positive on both.



Anonymous said...

Sadie -- I'm a legal transcriptionist and I just had a conversation/debate with the court reporter I work for regarding the correct spelling of "y'all." I won. LOL

As for being an adventurous cook -- I am one and I think I'm pretty good in the sack. ;-)

Mina said...

Yes I agree. My man is a fantastic cook! So yes, he's a fantastic lover!