Monday, July 20, 2009

My Battery Died

The first woman that I met on AM completely rocked my world. We talked for about a month prior to meeting, had an incredible, and I mean unforgettable visit with each other that I outlined here. We have been talking and connecting in a different way since that first and only time that we got together. Had I known it would have been our only time together, I still would have done it, I still would've gone through the vulnerability process, and the uncertainy of what lay ahead.

Too many issues plague the continuation of our relationship, such as her marriage, and our distance. She is simply unavailable. Truth be told, we both tried in vain to end the relationship for the past 2 weeks, yet both of us continued to come back to each other, back to that special place. You know that place? That place where you feel accepted, where you feel admired, where you worship and get worshipped in return, and where the sex (the physical connection) is amazing. She was the perfect girl for Dewey at that time.

I've talked about her before, Mind Fuck, because she truly was someone that in a good way, fucked my brain. I mean that in a very good way. I needed someone like her, and just at that time in my life. I thought about her constantly, I adored her. Yes, we only met once, but we formed a bond together that will last for a long time. I'm hoping someone new comes along in my "local" quest/search to break that bond. I would sincerely like to forget about Mind Fuck.

Our last conversation a week ago was a good one. We spoke for two hours on the phone. As we talked she told me her battery was about to die and I said, good. When its dead and gone, our conversation will be over and so will this thing we have. She sent me one last message in the morning and this is how it read, "My battery died last night right at the perfectly perfect moment and POOF! I took a deep breath and smiled. With a tear... "


Sexy PTA Mom said...

:( Bittersweet, Dewey. I have to admit I feel the same about my "Hot Doctor Guy" for some reason. Not sure why he got to me like that (it wasn't the physique), but he did. Makes me a little more cautious now, but I'm still not sorry. What a perfect message to end on.

Sexie Sadie~ said...

Yes, I know that place. Maybe the two of you will meet again under better circumstances.



Cande said...

Why did her battery die?? I don't get it. Robby and I are going through the same thing, but my battery will never die (as far as I can tell). Maybe his will. But why? This makes me anxious. I don't want anyone's battery to die!

sexinsuburbs said...

Just found your blog. Can't wait to read more. Excited to know that there are ones worth having on AM. I've yet to find anything...

I am very much like you in that I love a good mind fuck... Keep writing. I love what you have to say.

Dewey's System said...

Sexy PTA mom - It is interesting how certain people can cross barriers. I really didn't think that this girl would be anything more than a fun time, and then bam, we connected on a lot of levels.

Sadie - yes, thank you, maybe somewhere down the road, it will be under better circumstances.

Cande - I was referring to her cell phone battery. We were talking and her battery died and therefore our conversation was over. It was like we said goodbye without saying goodbye. You did give me a big smile though with your comment.

Sexinsburbs - thank you thank you. Yes, I think I am a pretty good catch, and yet, get so little response from the site. I hate it/love it.

Cande said...

Phew!! thank god for that. I thought it was metaphorical or something. Haha made me laugh to find out it was a "real" battery. Let's hope it stays that way!

Mina said...

I cherish all my Mind Fucks. There's something amazing about them, something to treasure. They are rare, the truly good ones. Been awhile for me.