Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Cheated

I had a hotel date very recently.  It was my 2nd time to meet this woman. The backdrop for our getting together was practically written for me, right out of my own blog, out of my own fantasies.  This woman and I met nearly 6 months ago but didn't really hit it off.  I was curious though.  On that interesting night we went out as a group together, leaving the hotel and partying till late at night.  My date for that night was already established and I had no less than a good time, but I was curious what was happening in the other room next door with this girl.  She had me curious.  She's stunningly beautiful.  Fast forward to this past weekend, and the circumstances couldn't have been better. Here she is with me and she wants nothing more than a friend with benefits, a fuck buddy.  This, among other things was exactly what I was open for.

Before we met, we exchanged a few emails.  Both describing to each other why we wanted this kind of relationship and what the rules were.  I even came up with a "safe-word" that either one of could say if we thought the other was crossing the line.  She understood exactly what my situation was and promised me not to get clingy, or emotionally attached to me.  And vice versa.  It was a fairly easy discussion, and she admitted that she did not want to get involved with someone right now.  She wanted to get her life back on track, to take care of herself and not get caught up with someone while also acknowledging my need to not have to take care of another persons emotional needs now since I am already loaded in that department. It was almost like a business transaction, sprinkled with lust and passion.

We met, had dinner and wine, and chit chatted about things.  Nothing too deep, just small talk, and then off to the hotel.  Candles lit, music playing, and before you knew it we were kneeling on the bed facing each other and kissing.  Good kissing.....just right, hands exploring each other.  She undid my belt buckle and seemed to take pleasure in slowly unbuttoning my pants.  I watched her with eagerness and anticipation as her hands pulled my pants down then traveling over my underwear to find my cock, squeezing it and teasing me.  Underwear off, all of my clothes off and my cock in her mouth -  I am on my knees leaning back using one hand to hold me up on the bed as I enjoy the moment.  She took her time, not rushing it but just enjoying my member.  One hand squeezing the base of my cock, the other hand intermittently massaging my balls.  She had good technic ;).  Not great, but good.

Our fuckfest lasted for a good 10 hours, intermixed with a little bit of sleep here and there.  How does that happen and where did I get my mojo to keep it up for that long?  Well I cheated.  I took a Levitra pill before we got to the room.  Booking a hotel date happens once or twice a year and I wanted it to be spectacular.  I wanted it to last, and last it did.  Unfortunately for her, it did.  I came three separate times.  Apparently it took her 3 full days before she could  feel normal again, because I evidently bruised her cunt with the marathon episode.  For that I'm kind of sorry.  What does that feel like to walk around for 3 days feeling sore in your pussy?  I don't know. But is it wrong to sneak a Levitra in on a fuck-date, where you know that all you are doing is fucking?  She seemed to really enjoy it at the moment but didn't care so much for the after affects.

One final footnote --Ladies....I cannot for the life of me understand how I attract a woman who does not want me to go down on her !?!?  This is almost a joke.  When I tried to go there with her she pulled me back up and wouldn't let me? I almost stopped to ask, "Really, you read my blog...?  You've read how this has happened to me more often in the past year than I care to quantify?  Why don't YOU want me to do down on you?  I've heard a few reasons, but regardless, I wish you could just lay down spread em and let me have at it."  Ok, I didn't say that of course, but I was thinking it.  Or maybe I was thinking that she just needs to sit on my face and let go of whatever emotional or physical block she had built.  Anyhow, I can't complain too much.  She had exactly the body I have been craving.  And now I crave it just a little bit more.


Cheeky Minx said...

Mmmm, fuckfest...

I can understand why she might be a little shy at first. Key words there are, "at first". Personally, I can't get enough. If a man wants to worship at my altar, I say, "Amen", as well as a few other choice words... ;)

I'm hoping you can coax her. With your dashing looks, natural charms and hot body that shouldn't be a problem. If you can't, I'm on the next flight out of here... xx

Leah said...

Mmmm, not sure I understand it either....keep trying. I agree with Cheeky Minx, and if you can't coax her, then I'm joining Minx on that next flight out xx

Just A. Girl said...

Interesting post. Sounds like a lot of fun, and hurray for Levitra.

Vixen said...

Mmmm....I love fuckfests. I also love the soreness of an amazing fuckfest. I crave that feeling actually.

I don't consider that cheating, taking the Levitra. I consider that ensuring of a grand time ;)

Susan said...

Three days of pain? ouch. I wonder how many orgasms did she have (or fake).

Here's my take on the oral:

a)She considers it to be even more intimate than regular intercourse, so probably she needs time to "let you in". Or
b) She's had so many bad experiences that she's not interested in another one.

In both cases it's all about taking your time and help her relax into it. Sometimes guys just dive down and that can be a turn off too.

Kyra said...

Dewey, darlin'. If you need to perform some oral worship then I'm in. Lemme know when and I'll get the plane ticket and be there.

I will never understand the woman that's not up for it.

As for the Levitra. Not cheating. I'd consider it a compliment that you'd go to that effort.

Caramella said...

I wouldn't be too concerned about the soreness - I've always considered it a pleasant reminder of a fantastic experience. Worth remembering too that pain is different to soreness. Consider the difference between the ache following a good work out at the gym, and a torn ligament.

Ms Scarlett said...

I'm totally with you, Dewey. I have friends who claim to hate it when their husbands/boyfriends want to go down on them, and I just don't get it.

And if your friend isn't interested in a second fuckfest, I'll join Cheeky and Leah and Kyra, and we'll have ourselves a grand, Levitra-fueled time.


Charlene said...

For me at least, I don't want a man to go down on me if he's not good at it. But heck, I'd give him a chance once!

Topaz said...

I'm with Carmella - the feeling as you shift and the slight pang of soreness is a great reminded of what caused it in the first place.

And on the oral, yes, it's possible it can be very intimate, but there's another possibility - maybe it was never done right and was very uncomfortable in the past? I mean, if a man doesn't know what he's doing... if that's the case, maybe you can... you know... offer to perform proper technique?